Unfortunately, Einstein himself bears a lot of the responsibility for having brought about this state of affairs in fundamental physics… He became more mystical and started to believe that mathematical beauty alone … could point scientists in the right direction. Chemistry has to do with the local interactions of electron orbits with the non-local environment of their nucleus as its background, and he physical constants as constraints.
Predicted and verified the Fermionic Condensates, high temperature super-conductivity of Iron, the need for information-magnetic Faraday Cage for Being, low energy transmutation and cold fusions in concepts of Bio-Quantum, and putting health into a mathematical discipline.

When entering into the wild ideas of modern physics, this computer model together with its Participatory Universe Model enhane  the GUT Monopole Model. It is this Information component that connects non-local to local, physics to psychology, etc. In addition, this website attempts to connect all subjects from ancient to modern and from metaphysics to physics with one set of assumed principles, namely spirit—soul—mind representing Being mapped onto logic—information—energy representing Matter.

Notice, by coincidence, there are also three levels of Quarks and Leptons in particle physics.

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