Ferro Powder coating is a dry form of paint containing most of the ingredients of a typical paint without the solvent.
Or have them powder coated, but remember, powder is NOT magic and it is NOT superior to a decent liquid paint job. Since the hand painter uses the spray gun for long periods of time, the flexibility, weight, efficiency and durability of the spray gun are important. When considering the added mass of the hose and cable, keep in mind that most painters will hold the hose and cable with the other hand so that only three or four feet of hose and cable weight are added to the gun.
As a result, we would achieve a faster color change equal to that of a liquid paint system. I hope that by now, you can see that a specialized protective container specifically suited for EMP survivability should be used in place of the Faraday cage.

An $8.6 million condo for sale in San Francisco has walls thickly covered in semiconductive graphite paint, floors connected to the walls with wire tape, and walls connected to the ceilings with wire strips. The powder is going to be sprayed on your wheels and the powder particles are going to be charged electrostatically to help the powder cling to the wheels temporarily until the wheel can be baked which basically melts the powder particles into a paint film over your bare steel.
Because an EMP (used here on to stand in for all three) event is seen as an electronics killer due to high current and voltages frequently mentioned, the concept of a protective cage standing against the monster surges becomes an automatic connection in the minds of many. Now, while the condo's looking more and more like a home fit for paranoid folks, Faraday cages do have benefits, such as keeping out high-tech thieves and spies. We've had the last few sets of wheels we have done powdercoated and I will probably never paint another wheel in my life.
The diagram shows typical coating scenario caused by faraday effect and what it results in long term.

I can't prime and paint a wheel that cheap with quality paint and the powercoating gets down into spots that paint can miss. I blasted them at work for free, and then picked up some paint that was expired off our shelf that would have gotten disposed of. If you wish to go one extra mile, remove the paint between the lid and body just outside the rubber gasket, press rolled foil into that space, and seal with the tape.

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