It would be cheap and relatively easy to make a similar case out of space blanket material.
Be warned by keeping your phone in a Faraday cage will start your phone on a hunt for a network, this in turn boosts it’s signal strength full bore open which in turn will drain your battery. In computer forensics, a Faraday cage called a screen room is used when investigators need to analyze electronic components in an environment with no electromagnetic interference. DIY Faraday CagesIf a Carrington or huge nuclear attack happened, you wouldn't have much use for your electronics without power or an Internet connection.
You can test the effectiveness of your homebrew faraday cages by putting a cell phone inside them and calling it. If you are really paranoid about The Man keeping track of you via your iPhone throughout your travels with your smartphone or other electronic device there is a way you can keep those singles from emanating from your device until you need it.

But the types of solar storms that just damage your expensive stuff and mess up communications for a few days are much more likely to happen, so a Faraday cage is a good thing to have.
Brian Green made this awesome, yet stylish iPhone pouch with some aluminum backed Cuben Fiber and Velcro. I'm not sure why you would want to see the screen since your iPhone won't get a signal and won't be usable. It's relatively simple to build, and it can be as large as a room or as small as a wallet or a pouch for your iPhone. A person inside a strong Faraday cage or suit can be hit with 500,000 volts of electricity and can even shoot lightning from their fingers.
Jed Daniels made this DIY Faraday Cage with a few things you can get at any hardware store: a few lengths of wood, aluminum screen, copper wire, and a hinge to attach the lid.

A booster bag, which is a shopping bag lined with aluminum foil that's used to shoplift items with RFID tags, is a Faraday cage. You can make a Faraday wallet with just some aluminum foil and duct tape, or add protection to the one you already have.

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