Velma, who has been unable to work since suffering from RSI and a compressed nerve on her spine, suffers agonising head and nerve pain, memory loss, tinnitus, ectopic heart beats, vertigo and aching joints if she goes near mobile phones, WIFI and satnav.She is forced to spend much of each day in a makeshift Faraday cage in her flat in London. For the whole of Black Friday Week, save 42% on the Digital Audio School FAST TRACK Home Studio Recording Course! David Mellor has been creating music and recording in professional and home studios for more than 30 years.

However, in the summer she takes the opportunity to escape to a park as she says this helps to earth her system.Velma made the Faraday cage herself from off-cut material costing ?300.
The usual advice is to construct a Faraday cage, although unfortunately I have never known anyone who has actually done this.

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