I have a new set of steel WV smooties, 15x6 and 15x7 that I am going to have powder coated in a cream color.
Les Schwab Tire center will sand blast and powder coat your wheels that you bring in for $25 per wheel.
One of the problems with powder has been talked about already here by the second reply redo32. You can help prevent corrosion in the areas that get little or no powder with a good pre treatment that includes a conversion coating (zinc, zirconium, iron phosphate etc) and you can also have your wheels e-coated prior to powder coating (dipped). Or have them powder coated, but remember, powder is NOT magic and it is NOT superior to a decent liquid paint job.
Ferro Powder coating is a dry form of paint containing most of the ingredients of a typical paint without the solvent. The above design features should be consolidated with the pattern of powder flow, equipment cost(s), ease of maintenance, and durability.
Since the hand painter uses the spray gun for long periods of time, the flexibility, weight, efficiency and durability of the spray gun are important. This rapid growth of powder coating has put a strong demand on equipment suppliers to develop more efficient ways of applying powder coating. Fluidization is a process where powder being sprayed mixes with compressed air, enabling it to be pumped from a container and supplied to the spray guns. It is defined as the amount of powder applied to the part compared to the total amount of powder sprayed by the application equipment. When considering the added mass of the hose and cable, keep in mind that most painters will hold the hose and cable with the other hand so that only three or four feet of hose and cable weight are added to the gun. As previously discussed, charge where air velocities are low and where the powder is well dispersed.
To contain oversprayed powder particles, the powder booth is designed to provide average face velocity of 100 lineal feet per minute (lfpm) air flow across all openings. The oversprayed powder is contained within an enclosure and drawn into the primary filter cartridges by a centrifugal fan. The most important thing to remember is the powder gun is just one piece of the application pie. If the base of the powder booth is not wide enough to place the gun inside the booth, you can add a booth wall extender at the gun opening for added space between the gun tip and the wall. The value of an environmental room is consistency as any change in temperature and humidity may affect fluidization, filter efficiency, filter life, and charging capabilities of the powder.
As a result, we would achieve a faster color change equal to that of a liquid paint system. Powder is pretty tuff and holds up well unless your back east, you see powder does not flow into recesses and the gap between the center & the rim is difficult to cover. Consistent with the theory of high-charging efficiency is control of the powder output of the guns.
The specific amount of  flowing Tribo air in the diffuser causes the axial acceleration of the powder particles in the charging tube.
Charged powder moves to the grounded workpiece with the help of air supplied to the guns and the airflow in the booth. The primary filter cartridges are periodically reverse-pulsed to remove oversprayed powder.
The geometry of the charging tube has been constructed so as to insure that all powder particles can be frictionally charged at a high speed in the ionisation channel for a sufficient length of time and with sufficient turbulence that essentially all the particles come into contact with the surface.
The powder is then sieved and supplied back to the guns to provide extremely efficient material for use again.

Because the particles are charged in the gun and there are no lines of force, it is less likely that the powder particles will build up on the leading edge of the part being coated. Camping or house attend a class or read effectively and good, but when it comes down to the. The powder is going to be sprayed on your wheels and the powder particles are going to be charged electrostatically to help the powder cling to the wheels temporarily until the wheel can be baked which basically melts the powder particles into a paint film over your bare steel. Them are fightin words I still don't know anywhere I can get wheels powder coated for less than $75 Where I live as there is no Les Schwab anywhere near here.
High voltage or low voltage cables are the two basic ways that the voltage source is currently applied to the tip of acorona-charged powder spray gun. Arrange the geometry of the charging electrode so the ions flow through the powder stream and the electrode is in the direct line of sight of the ground. Process control and monitoring devices can enhance the operating efficiency of your powder coating system. The powder gun should be at least 12 inches inside the booth so the electrostatic field is attracted to the part and not to the booth canopy. State-of-the-art control and gun technology improve penetration depth surface finish and optimises powder consumption. As a result, efficiency of the powder pump will be reduced causing the powder pump to draw air and reduce the powder flow rate. It is better to add additional powder guns to keep outputs low than to reduce the number of guns and increase the output per gun.
The electrically charged Tribo powder particles are dispersed onto the surface and achieve finer and smoother surfaces with little orange peel. Parker Ionics’ “Pulse Power” is the first and only corona charging method that supplies excellent transfer efficiencies, superior powder penetration and a quality finish. I don't know anywhere you can get a wheel blasted and powdercoated for less than $75 per wheel minimum. There are all kinds of liquid coatings options that will meet or exceed the durability of powder coating. Despite the effect of several years of worldwide economic slowdown, the powder coating industry continues to grow in North America with an average annual rate (in pounds produced) of 12 to 15 percent. One thing to note, tribo charging is much more dependent on correct powder formulation (chemically) and particle grind size than corona-charging equipment. A good level control will enable the fluidizing feeder to maintain a consistent powder height and a consistent feed rate. In tribo charging, the powder particles are charged by causing them to rub at a high velocity on a surface and thereby, transferring the charge (Figure 6).
Powder pumps use a venturi principle to deliver powder from a supply hopper to the powder spray gun.
The highest achievable first-pass transfer efficiency of your system will be no more than 50 percent because one-half of the powder is sprayed into the air. The powder supplied to the spray gun is charged using either a corona or tribocharging gun. The powder flows into recessed and difficult-to-reach areas by nozzle direction and air flow. In some cases, a piecemeal system maylook like a powder coating system but the overall performance, operating cost, quality and system efficiency fallshort of a totally integrated powder coating system.
The diagram shows typical coating scenario caused by faraday effect and what it results in long term. The design of a powder coating booth begins with the canopy or enclosure that contains the oversprayed powder.The canopy is best described as a small room with four walls, a floor and a ceiling.

I can't prime and paint a wheel that cheap with quality paint and the powercoating gets down into spots that paint can miss. There are many other nozzle types, but these account for 90 percent of the usage in today’s powder coating systems. One disadvantage is with metallic-effect powder where the effect doesn't come across as well. The continuous pulsing prevents a build-up of free ions on the electrode, resulting in a smoother transfer of powder.
We've had the last few sets of wheels we have done powdercoated and I will probably never paint another wheel in my life.
When the powder particles come close to the part, an electrostatic attraction between the charged powder particles and the grounded part adheres powder to the part.
As this section of the paper deals with application transfer efficiency variables, powder booths are designed with two requirements; 1) powder containment and 2) safety. Circulating air, now free of powder, is discharged through high-efficiency final filters into the plant as clean air. The more powder passing by the gun electrode, the less chance each particle has in picking up the maximum charge.
Future developments in the powder coating equipment industry will focus on first-pass transfer efficiency.
The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of powder application technology and variables that affect first-pass transfer efficiency.
The rapid on-off-on-off of the charge allows the powder to be carried by momentum into recessed or Faraday Cage areas without the detrimental effects of excess free ions. Corona and tribo charging are two methods widely used in commercial electrostatic powder spray equipment.
Many try to overcompensate with a higher powder flow rate and less first-pass transfer efficiency. This will allow the electrostatic fieldemitted by the guns to attract the powder to the part and not the booth wall. Ms Tribo powder guns are renowned  for their excellent charging of the powder and their high degree of powder application. The purpose of the charging system is to create a force within the sprayed powder particles enabling them to cling or attach themselves to bare, grounded metal parts as shown in Figure 4. Because powderis applied via an electrostatic charge and our goal is high first-pass transfer efficiency, we want the powder tobe attracted to the part and not to the booth.
I blasted them at work for free, and then picked up some paint that was expired off our shelf that would have gotten disposed of. If you want a satin or matte finish you can tame down the powder gloss by spraying a liquid matte clear over the top of the powder. Pull out the trusty yellow pages and find an outdoor sign company, they all use commerical powdercoating for outdoor signs. I'm normally the type to save money and do things myself however powdercoating is a win for me.

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