When I called the Los Angeles Police Department’s communications desk, a spokesman said I must have forgotten to lock my car. Sleep in your car with a Rottweiler in front seat and you sleep in back seat every night — that is how you keep your car safe and make sure to be a properly trained legal gun expert with a black belt in every martial art. Car manufacturers are reportedly looking into a fix to the car hacking problem, which would require a chip to be installed for the car to determine exactly how far away your keyfob really is.
It may be more prone to being stolen than your old clunker and not for the value of it but because it’s high-tech and more easily stolen than cars in the Olden Days.
Since he kept his car keys on a hook just inside the front door of his house, I placed one antenna just outside the house and ran the other antenna to his car.
The device being used by criminals amplifies your car’s ability to search for keyfobs, dramatically extending its automatic unlocking range past 300 feet.
If your car requires a key to start, then there really isn’t much risk here, other than someone potentially being able to enter your car.

However turning the car on without the key might be problematic with technology these days.
I tried that once, but I have a habit of putting my keys in my mouth when my hands are full. A microwave makes a much better faraday cage than the freezer, because it’s built for it, and better sealed against RF.
Unfortunately, it appears that remote keyless entry also gives knowing thieves easy access to your car and the belongings inside it. With all the stories telling us that remote keyless entry (RKE) hacking systems are now in the hands of the most common of criminals for around $20 investment, the obvious question isn’t how to shield your keys from an amplifier, the obvious question is how can you disable the RKE interface for your car and go back to the good old physical key entry only.
Most newer luxury cars today will unlock and start the car when the key gets within range of the vehicle.
In the meantime, police are warning owners of keyless entry cars to be extra vigilant with their vehicles.

That means if you park your car on the street outside your house or in your driveway, someone could walk up with one of these tiny boxes and unlock it, all while your keys sit on your kitchen table. First off, the article states that thieves are swiping the car, just the hi-tech stuff in it.
Normally, if your Smart Key keyfob is within 3 feet or so of your car, it will be able to read a signal from the vehicle and send a reply, leading the vehicle to unlock itself. And, if you already have a key for your engine, chances are that works the door locks, too, so you should just be able to use the key to enter manually.

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