Several Groups Acknowledge The Need For a Survival Pantry Including The Red Cross, FEMA, And The Mormon Church. 117 piece kid friendly first aid kit for the whole family, Pediatrician recommended, USA mfg, Latex free, 7 time award winning product, first aid made fun, sturdy carrying case and great organized compartments, Medibag comes in an assortment; both versions have the same contents inside. Thankfully I haven’t had to legitimately use the Deluxe Survival Kit from Guardian Survival Gear but if I had, I surely would be covered for at least 72 hours! Keep safe and sane with the piece of mind that comes from having the Wise Emergency Survival Kit in your car. Compare PricesThis site utilities affiliate marketing to help support our efforts in writing gear reviews.

A well thought out disaster kit contains only useful items that will help you survive an emergency. Our Starter Survival Bag provides food, water and basic supplies for one person for 72 hours. This kit contains 72 hours of insured survival for one person.  I’ve included some user information in each section that I believe is important to getting a full understanding of this survival kit. You can read the most in-depth reviews, ratings and feedbacks from people who have bought and used them.
We have real consumer reviews of different types of family survival kit, including survival emergency kit reviews, family emergency kit reviews and more.

Your emergency bag isn't the place to cut corners and rely on cheap knock-offs or incomplete kits.

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