Family "togetherness" will never be more important than in the event of a fire and your family is forced to escape from the home! Creating the family escape plan is just the first step, putting the plan into action is next. Creating an easy to understand plan will help guarantee that your whole family will know what to do in case of a fire. Teaching fire safety for kids starts at home with parents so prepare your children with a fire escape plan for a fire emergency today.
Bandages, disinfectants, aspirin and other mild pain relievers, tampons or sanitary napkins, and any medicines used regularly by family members. A little preparation can go a long way to keeping your family safe, secure, and together during a disaster. I went ahead and asked over 50 moms what suggestions they had for making families safe and here are their top 10 suggestions. One of the best ways to help your family feel safe and secure is by having Emergency Plans in place. A lot of these ideas primarily discuss keeping your children physically safe, but keeping them spiritually safe is just as important! With the average age of children being exposed to pornography and sexual situations getting younger by the day, choosing to not having discussions early and often is no longer an option. The last suggestion I have is to now set-up a time to review and role-play the things in your family safety plan!
Having a chance to practice your plan will help your children remember what you’ve talked about and give them a better understanding of what to do if a situation arises.

I know sometimes it can be easy to go to extremes when talking about safety, but remember kids need to be kids. Proximity- A safe meeting place should be close to the home, but not so close as to be in danger from the fire.
Explore the links at the bottom to learn about fire safety and other ways to keep you and your family safe.
So to prepare your family for a fire, create your own family escape plan and keep your family fire safe and ready for an emergency.
In the event that a disaster does occur, you’ll be glad you planned ahead, especially if you have to go days without basic necessities like water or electricity, or if you have to evacuate your home. It’s Jamie from Prepared-Housewives, and I’m here to discuss preparing a family safety plan with 10 ways you can make your family safer by the end of the year!
What may be one family’s main safety concern, may not even cross the mind of another family. I wouldn’t let my husband even consider purchasing a handgun until fingerprint safes were bolted into our walls, and safes were installed into our cars. The National Rifle Association recommends that children should be taught simple gun safety at an early age. While we need to protect them and keep them safe, we also don’t want to scare them and make them fearful of the outside world. A great way to practice fire safety basics is by using our Fire Safety CD, or using other "fun and creative ways" that keep your child's interest while learning at the same time.

All of that equipment helps to keep him safe from smoke, fire, and other dangers so that he can put out a fire and help anyone who might be trapped. This will ensure that they know what to do and are comfortable getting out of the house safely and meeting at the family’s safe meeting place. Make sure it is not stored loaded with ammunition and lock it away in a safe place that is not accessible by children.
Include every room in your home so that you can create an escape plan where no matter what room you’re in, you know what to do.
As a family it is really important to discuss an escape plan and a safe meeting place so that if separated you will have a designated place to reunite.
I hope you will be able to help them recognize all the good, while at the same time keeping them safe from the things that would hurt them. Below is an example of a family escape plan that clearly labels each room, the primary and secondary exit routes, windows, and the family’s safe meeting place. Examples of good safe meeting places include a tree, neighbor’s mailbox, or a telephone pole.
Social media sites, like Facebook, can also be a way to communicate that you’re safe and sound.

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