What is an Family Emergency BinderUnlike a Home Management Binder which includes all things about running your home from scheduling chores to home warranty repairs to everything under the sun, the Family Emergency Binder is geared specifically to managing your family in the case of an emergency. Our immediate need emergency binder is a 1″ binder with all that we would have to have if we had to leave in an emergency.
We’ve printed off maps from Google to include in our binder that have shorted routes our of our city, around our city to other check points. You can also use photo page protectors to include a section in your binder not only for family memories, but identification, as well.

Because lives are uprooted during localized emergencies, you may only have one or two pieces of any of the important binders, bags, etc.
Cyber Emergency Binder – an alternative to a physical binderNot every localized emergency means that there will be no electricity, internet access or access to printers, computers, etc. Even if you do keep a physical one, having one available in downloadable format may make its access easy if you lose your binder along the way and need to get to those important documents and have access to a computer.Or load that information onto a thumb drive that you can tuck into a pocket on the way out the door. Some of these will have the basic lists to record your information for your Vital Family Emergency Binder and move on to full Emergency Planning Systems.My favorite system is that from Self Reliant School called the Preparedness Planner and Record Keeper.

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