The Go Bag contains your personal emergency supplies pre-packed in an easy-to-carry solution - usually a backpack. Miscellaneous: You may consider packing an emergency mobile phone charger (although the mobile network may not be operating) and other spare batteries.
Communication: Telephone networks, including mobile networks, may become disabled or overwhelmed locallyduring an emergency.
Emergency Food Rations, as used in life- rafts, provide  a high calorie, long shelf- life biscuit that is both compact and easy to store.

Select an emergency torch that uses LEDs, as these will last for thousands of hours, negating the need for an extra bulb. If you want to communicate with friends and family that are within a few kilometers of you, licence-free walkie-talkie radios are an excellent choice as they operate independantly of any networks.
Fold flat type of masks are compact and easy to carry - they are ideal for emergency purposes. An emergency foil poncho is an excellent choice as it is extremely light and compact yet it will keep you warm and dry.

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