Critical items needed in emergency survival kits are food, water, sanitary supplies and medicines.
The individual emergency preparedness kits should be packed in a backpack if possible, for those who can carry one.
When disaster strikes, community emergency services and government agencies may not be able to respond promptly to your needs. The most basic emergency preparedness plans should include a 72 hour survival kit containing the most important items necessary for survival. Household emergency preparedness kits should inlcude like tents, portable toilet facilities, tools and bulk water storage. Or, if you have your 72 hour kit in your car, having a hammer will help you to get out if your car is submerged in water or snowed in.

Remember to also add emergency communications and lighting supplies to an earthquake disaster kit for the car. Prepping for unplanned events by creating home earthquake preparedness kits, survival backpacks, and 72 hour survival kits for each family member will give you the opportunity to deal with shock and get your thoughts together immediately after a disaster.
Keep extra family supplies at the house in addition to the bug out backpack emergency kits. Examine the following suggestions for ideas to help create earthquake emergency kits or general 72 hour survival kits. Be decisive when packing including only the most important disaster survival items for each family member. When storing items in general household survival kits, do so in plastic containers; and make a test run by placing them in the trunk of the car beforehand to be sure they fit.

One of the most important elements of preparedness is the 72 hour emergency kit for your home or office. Putting one together can sometimes be a daunting task, so we put together a list of top things to remember when making a 72 hour disaster kit.
Store beans, rice, grains and other storable emergency preparedness foods in sealed plastic 5 gallon containers.

Emergency preparedness plan for earthquakes
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