If your plan is up-to-date, you deserve kudos because you are among a too-small-percentage who have taken action to prepare for disasters. Emergencies can happen during the day when family members are usually in multiple locations – at school, daycare, work, running errands, etc. The Plan template file is a 2-page form you can fill in and print, as well as save for the updates you’re going to make when school starts or ends or when other changes to your regular routine make your plan out-of-date. Another good source of a Family Disaster Plan is the Red Cross, which offers a multi-page plan which can be edited with your information. I also recommend you include in your Family Emergency Plan a visual map of the family meeting place, like this example shown to the right.
Creating a Family Emergency Plan isn’t that hard or time consuming, especially with templates and examples like the ones included in this article. We have created the SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK to streamline the process of designing your family disaster plan. We hope you enjoy completing your SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK with your loved ones. Hard copies of our SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION FAMILY DISASTER PLAN GUIDEBOOK are also available for participants who attend our one-day SAFETY FUNCTION ACTION for Disaster Responders: A Coach-supported Training Program.
Creating a family preparedness plan doesn’t take long and will provide each family member with peace of mind knowing a plan of action is agreed upon during an emergency situation. These things might seem silly, but acting out a disaster can bring a family together in a fun way while helping everyone to imagine how to behave in an emergency situation.
Create Emergency Forms examples like this template called Family Disaster Plan that you can easily edit and customize in minutes.
The most effective way to combat these destructive elements is to have a clear, comprehensive, well-practiced response plan in place.
This space is for breaking down, in as much detail as possible, the steps that you, your staff, and youth will take in response to the disaster at hand. No one plan can account for every possible nuance of every disaster—the best you can hope for is that, by taking the time to anticipate your response, you will be prepared to handle any situation when it arises.

But take a few moments now to walk through the fire response plan above.Obviously, the answer to the big question here is evacuation. This plan, already designed, specifies who is responsible for gathering needed supplies, what the procedures are for getting to the rally point, and so on.Next, the responder must evaluate the situation. A Family Emergency Plan documents how your family members can reconnect if you can’t return home or reach each other on cell phones. The first page of the template allows you to document in one place your meeting places and the names and locations of your family members. The Red Cross plan template prompts you to also consider your pets, evacuation routes, and how you will assist family members with special needs. Please sit down with your family as soon as possible and create your own plan – you’ll feel better after you do!
In addition to discussing a plan, compiling crucial contact information and creating an emergency kit, you can also prepare by role playing what you would do during a disaster.
We've done all the hard work for you and compiled all the information from FEMA, Red Cross and other emergency management sites to build templates for disaster plans that are complete - and simple.
You need to have plans and supplies in place to make it on your own, at least for a limited time, no matter where you are when an emergency happens. The first step requires the person responding to the fire to pull the fire alarm, which is the facility’s signal for an immediate building evacuation, the plan for which is referenced in the procedures. Make additional copies of the disaster response plan template (Appendix H) and begin drafting response plans for each one.
The second page (shown to the right) has wallet-sized cards that you cut out so every family member can have the Family Emergency Plan in their wallet or bookbag. It also includes the Red Cross “Safe and Well” phone number which serves as a point of contact for locating people during natural disasters and other emergencies. By providing these tools for disaster planning for your family, I intend to help you prepare for emergencies quickly and easily. Below are some questions we use to help organizations determine what type of disaster recovery solutions to employ.

We had put off making a family disaster plan for a long time because we didn't know where to start. While these are generic questions and much more detail is needed to formulate a disaster recovery plan it can help address some major issues. If the facility is no longer habitable, the local or regional evacuation plan comes into play.Below the procedures area is a space to list the critical supplies and resources that the specific disaster scenario demands.
But if something terrible does happen, having a family disaster plan will empower each member of your family to take action and stay safe. All the preparation in the world will not matter if you do not also plan out the specific course of action you will take when a disaster strikes. Since there is a possibility that an evacuation will be necessary in the wake of a tornado, this plan calls for distribution of all the facility’s Go-Bags. It’s important for families to prepare how they will handle disasters when they happen. When disaster strikes, city services may be cut off and local disaster relief and government responders may not be able to reach you. The first aid kit, if not already in the safe room, would be brought there as well, in addition to extra flashlights and a battery-powered radio for listening to weather updates as they are broadcast.The area below the supplies and resources section is for listing emergency contact information that applies to the specific disaster scenario. Hold fire drills in your house so everyone knows how to escape safely in the event of a fire or other disaster.
For example, a response plan for a medical emergency might list the local fire, rescue squad, and police emergency numbers.
Since the only real response to a tornado involves sheltering and riding it out, there is no number listed here.The final area on the form is for detailing the recovery processes that will help return life to normal when the disaster is over. Our plan for people in our household with a disability or special need is:Person's NamePlan9.

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