London’s population broke the 1-million-threshold back in 1811 and it remained the largest city in the world for many years, up until 1925 when it was overtaken by Tokyo. In 2012 London hosted the summer Olympics, making it the first city to host the prestigious games three different times. The London Underground, the oldest underground metro system in the world, turned 150 this year.
The first games in 1908 were originally given to Rome, but after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius devastated the city of Napoli, the venue was changed to London. But there are some that even its inhabitants are probably unaware of; outlined below are 10 of the most intriguing and little-known facts about the Cockney capital.
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Sherlock Holmes, the most famous fictional Londoner of all time, is also one of the most portrayed characters in film and television history. However, at one time, London had a veritable multitude of rivers, all of which were used as sources for water and energy or as a sewage system. In 1826 a London merchant decides to buy some cloth from a weaver in Hawick, a town in the Scottish borders famous for its cloth production. He has appeared onscreen for over a century, with the role assumed by countless actors – from William Gillette to Benedict Cumberbatch. As the Museum of London prepares for the largest temporary exhibition on the super sleuth for over sixty years, there remains a mystery unsolved regarding one such film. In fact, when the Circle Line was opened in 1884, The Times newspaper described it as “a form of mild torture, which no person would undergo if he could conveniently help it”.

I liked doing notes about the great fire of London it was fun and it was fun learning about the great fire. London is such an iconic city; everyone across the world has some sort of pre-conceived notion of the UK capital and knows a few facts about the place.
Instead of ‘twill’ this Londoner reads ‘tweed’, and assumes this new cloth must take after the River Tweed which runs fast and clear through the textile areas of lower Scotland.
Other movies filmed in London include A Clockwork Orange, 28 Days Later and almost every one of the Bond films.

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