An epic drought, scorching heat and deadly wildfires have plagued the state for months and continue to singe the land.
The damages from this year's wildfires are estimated at more that $5 billion, according to news reports. From 1960-1999, wildfires consumed half that amount, at an average of 3.5 million acres a year.
A wildfire which has been buring since August 17 is now threatening Yosemite National Park. Delivers provocative facts about big issues to help Americans debunk myths, hold better conversations, get involved, and make choices as smarter citizens.

Instead of dumping rain, Tropical Storm Lee, which hit the Gulf Coast last weekend, brought only winds that made the wildfires worse. Nearly 18,612 wildfires have burned 3.5 million acres of Texas so far this year, according to the Texas Forest Service.
But the ferocity of fires in the past two decades may be a factor in whether and where housing is located near fire zones. It's one of about 50 currently burning in the western United States and firefighters are focused on protecting the historic natural refuge from the fire, which is only about 7 percent contained. Today we take a look back at one of our facts which dives into the increasing spread of large, uncontrolled blazes.

According to a study prepared for Meals on Wheels, 1 in 7, or 8.3 million seniors, faces the threat of hunger. But from 1960 to 1999, wildfires consumed half that amount – an average 3.5 million acres a year.

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