A fire tornado occurs when warm gases rise up from the fire and begin to mix with cool air. Most large fire tornadoes are formed when wildfire converges with a warm updraft of air, and a wildfires can contain a number of fire whirls of varying intensity, size and duration. According to Independent, Copelin was just driving by when she saw the amazing 'fire tornado' phenomenon. CBS Local reports that a Missouri farmer set his field alight, and that's when Copelin saw and took the fire tornado pictures.
The tornado-like fire whirls are reportedly formed when intense heat combines with strong winds.

Human Hairs By Color OMG WTF Fun Facts #1798 100,000 hairs are on the average human head. Copelin captioned her fire tornado pictures: "A farmer burning off his field and as we stopped so I could take a picture the wind whipped up this fire twister #nofilter #firestorm #firetwister". Fire tornado pictures are rarely taken as the phenomenon doesn't usually last for more than a few seconds. The fire tornado pictures were reportedly snapped by resident Janae Copelin while she was driving past a burning farm. The fire tornado pictures were taken as the formation formed through the combination of the fire and strong winds.

Louis office of the National Weather Service told KMOX News that the fire tornadoes are spectacular to see but also very rare.
Now, many are curious as to what the fire tornado pictures are all about and how they came to be.

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