If you have to work in a frigid outdoor environment, invest in an Insulated Boot that will let your fine feet forget they're trudging through snow. Forget the weather by remembering to wear your Baffin 9857-935 Men's NWT Black Insulated-Extreme Cold Weather. When I moved from Florida to North Dakota, the guys at work gave me a pair of these boots for a going away present. Baffin makes a variety of fine cold weather work boots that do a very good job of keeping feet warm on Alaska's North Slope oil fields the old Mickey mouse military boots are just not up to the task when it comes to working and are not allowed on the oil fields.

Wife always suffered with cold feet during deer hunting season in the stands and then walking on the ground. The best cold weather boots I ever used were USAF issued cold weather boots (Mickey Boots) rated at -60 degrees.
The coldest I ever experienced was -58 degrees near the Artic Circle in the middle of winter. These Extreme Cold Weather boots were designed for the military in extreme cold weather situations and keep your feet nice and warm at temperatures down to 40 below!

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