A file that contains the difference between the current disk data and the last full backup. A file that contains the difference between the current disk data and the last backup (full, differential, or incremental). You may delete daily incremental backups that were created between a full and differential backups without loss of data consistency. If any one of the incremental backup files becomes corrupted, data stored in later incremental backup files cannot be restored either. With R-Drive Image, a dedicated backup NAS and some basic planning, you can easily protect yourself from the crippling expense and inconvenience of a catastrophic data loss. To customize a backup plan to suit your business needs, see the R-Drive Image online help for more details about all of the backup parameters available.
With these facts in mind, the control plane of our solution (HRM) is delivered as a cloud service we call DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service). HRM manages multiple sites, as well as complex inter-site relationships, thereby enabling a customer to create a comprehensive DR plan.

Only metadata (like names of logical clouds, virtual machines, networks etc.) which is needed for orchestration is sent to Azure. For example, to protect the Gold cloud in VMM-NewYork by the Gold-Recovery of VMM-Chicago, you choose values for simple configurations like replication frequency.
For example, when a replica virtual machine is created on the secondary site, it is placed on a host that has the necessary access to all the required networks. It even works for heterogeneous deployments, wherein the networks on primary and recovery sites are of different types. For example, the replica virtual machine of Marketing is attached to Network Marketing Recovery since (a) the primary virtual machine is connected to Network Marketing and (b) Network Marketing in turn is mapped to Network Marketing Recovery.
These documents are cumbersome to maintain and even if someone made the effort to keep these documents up-to-date, they were prone to the risk of human errors by the staff hired to execute these plans.
For example, in a quick glance customers can identify the last test failover of a plan or how long ago they did a planned failover of a recovery plan.
Based on the Virtual Machines participating, the HRM service figures out the VM Networks needed, creates them, and attaches the Virtual Machines to the right VM Networks.

In the case of Windows Network Virtualization, the network settings will be carried forward from the replica network to the test network.
Examples of this include an active-active wherein the NewYork site provides protection for Chicago and vice-versa, many sites being protected by one, complex relationships, or multiple branch offices going to a single head office.
For example, when a user takes an action on the HRM portal to setup infrastructure, HRM recognizes that he would be monitoring the portal to ensure the action succeeded. An example of this is when one admin is managing both the sites (and these sites happen to be close by to each other), therefore wanting to see the virtual machines of both sites in one console.

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