Every building has an evacuation drill process, after talking to hundreds of customers over the past few months about evacuation drills I can see the level of process, accountability and systems vary dramatically from one building to another. First a floor warden must be familiar with all of the procedures for an evacuation drill including The operation of the fire alarm system or emergency warning system.
Watch a short 4 minute video showing how evacuation management has now gone electronic giving Floor Wardens tools to manage the evacuation process easier than ever before with detailed after the event reporting.
Any Floor Warden with the correct training can step up and be the Chief Floor Warden on the day of an evacuation where the Chief Floor Warden is absent. Since the release of our evacuation module to assist customers running an evacuation drill in our visitor management software globally the feedback from existing customers has been outstanding. Our building is so large we have 8 floor wardens and the fire evacuation drill is a nightmare to bring together.
I remember speaking with a shipbuilder in Western Australia who had to complete an evacuation drill every month.
Evacuation drills include much more than just the visitors, you can also manage employees on site as well as contractors on site.

While we could ask employees to sign in twice, once for time and attendance and once for evacuation it makes much more sense to integrate with the time and attendance product. Multiple location companies can put in place consistent evacuation management plans for the entire company creating global consistency. Evacuation Management is one of the most asked about aspects of our visitor management software. Once you have your visitor management software installed allocate floor wardens, supervisors with access to run the evacuation. The process is manual and when asked to go into detail about the process I am finding many companies with incomplete evacuation management systems.
In a real evacuation I don’t think it is a good idea to have to be told to pick something up as you are running out of the building. The customer was quite impressed to know they could give access to the evacuation app to the outsourced evacuation company to assist with the running of the fire drill. This is a perfect scenario for WolEvac where each teacher can have WolEvac on their smart phone ready for the evacuation drill.

From the minute the evacuation starts the clock is ticking, set up as many floor wardens as you need. Many companies have multiple Floor Wardens and Chief Wardens, you need to take into account employees being on holiday or calling in sick, you do not want to find yourself running your first evacuation drill only to have key people missing, you need back up. I speak with dozens of companies every week all running evacuation drills manually, all with issues and stories to tell about how the manual system just does not work well enough. Deputy is a very popular cloud based rostering system that easily pushes the data collected from employees signing in and out directly into the evacuation management software with the visitor and contractor information making a complete list of all the people on site for the evacuation drill. Typically a building will have multiple floor wardens this in itself creates communication issues when running an evacuation drill in large buildings.
No matter what position you have in your business if you are part of the team that runs the evacuation in the event of an emergency then you will want to watch this short video.

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