US brand EMP Tek was founded as recently as 2007, but was set up by audio boffins with over 30 years’ experience, designing speakers for esteemed names such as ParaSound, McIntosh and JBL. Get them up and running with a decent Blu-ray soundtrack and the EMP Teks will take you to home cinema heaven.
For over thirty years, the founders of EMP have been designing and manufacturing high performance audio products. The Impression Series speakers feature poly-matrix cone woofers accompanied by aluminized poly-matrix cone midrange woofer. Each Impression Series speaker model features a crossover network with the least number of components to minimize driver interaction irregularities and maximize the ability of each driver to accurately reproduce its respective band of frequencies.The use of high quality five-way binding posts ensure a solid connection. Excellent speakers!I have the EMP TEK E55ti towers and the E56Ci center that I upgraded to from Polk A7's.

Fine craftsmanship runs throughout the system, which is made up of the E5Ci centre speaker and a pair of E5Bi bookshelf speakers on surround back duties. It took no time to find the sweetest crossover point for my test room and lock it into the other speakers. Each speaker is clad in an eye-catching high-gloss red burl finish, a refreshing change from the usual wood-effect finishes used by many speakers in this price range.
You might break your back unpacking them, but you’re getting a lot of speaker for your money.
Anchoring the system is the ES10i, a front-firing sub that easily matches the stature of the other speakers with first-rate build quality. This series includes two sleek and slender towers, center channels, along with an elegantly matching bookshelf speaker, and surround on-wall speaker.

The tower speakers used for the front and rear channels are the E55Ti, a slightly taller version of the E5Ti towers, but offering greater power handling than their shorter siblings. All the bits and pieces you need are in the boxes, such as the spikes needed to de-couple them from the floor, and each speaker is equipped with sturdy gold-plated binding posts.

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