Unlike the radiation released during the nuclear explosion, EMP is not particularly dangerous to people.
Since EMP travels line of sight it can cover a very large area if the nuclear detonation occurs high in the atmosphere.
Though the EMP magnitude diminishes with distance, it may still be strong enough at thousands of miles to fry most microelectronics.
This makes the nuclear EMP a near perfect weapon for a terrorist, rather than a conventional military force.
Aside from nuclear weapons there are EMP-generating devices called “explosively pumped flux compression generators.” These devices use a combination of electromagnetic physics to generate large pulses of electromagnetic energy. Now that you have all your devices protected when the terrorist EMP event strikes you’ll be ready.

EMP Diaster Prep Option 2 – Store a complete, disassembled home electrical power generation system inside very large Faraday Cages.
However, if you do end up going with EMP Preparedness Option #2, you’d better be prepared to defend it.
By the way, you EMP disaster prep Option #2 guys, I would wait until long after the attack before assembling your system. An EMP blast from a single nuclear device at 20 miles altitude will cover a large portion of the US with EMP.
Even the US Government admits as many 9 of 10 Americans could die within one year of a crippling EMP attack on our homeland. Let’s just say that your solar panels do survive and EMP attack and only your inverter fries.

However, the amount of damage any device or appliance or electrical system takes is dependent on how large the EMP strike is and how close you are to it.
One EMP preparedness survival technique is simple EMP protection otherwise known as electrical shielding.
However, if one were detonated at high altitude the EMP would travel outward crossing everything in its line of sight. Within 24 hours after an EMP, if not sooner, virtually every household in America will be without water.

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