An EMP is typically characterized by short bursts of electromagnetic energy across a range of frequencies. This means that EMPs are capable of disrupting a large number of devices across a broad spectrum of frequencies. A massive solar flare could produce an EMP so powerful that every electronic device in the world could be disabled instantly. Although the effects of a man-made EMP are very serious, it is considered a somewhat localized event. Depending on the strength and intensity of an EMP blast, the world could be sent into the dark ages in an instant.
Every electronic device you have will be destroyed following an EMP unless you have taken steps to protect them from the pulse.
Now that you have an understanding of the many far-reaching consequences possible in the wake of a massive EMP, the next step is learning tactics that allow you to survive in these conditions without the assistance of technology while avoiding the droves of people that are not equipped with this knowledge that have resorted to violence as a means of survival. I paid my American Express bill by phone and was offered Insurance for my electronics if an EMP occurred and zapped my electronics in my home. Think about this scenario: suddenly, all electric devices stop working, and your first thought is that the power grid is down due to a temporary malfunction. Undoubtedly those who prep already understand that most people are not even remotely prepared for disaster. An EMP is a just one of the threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences.

While governments and the Pentagon are increasingly talking up the need to protect the sensitive power grid and brace for the impact of a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident, which could come naturally from a solar flare or via an attack by a foreign entity, the Air Force is ready to embrace EMP as the status quo of future warfare. Put it in a sock so no emp charge will be transmitted to what your trying to protect by touch.
Not only have EMPs been weaponized, meaning that a rival military force could use one against the United States, terrorist organizations have also adopted the technology.
Although not an exact comparison, the range of frequencies experienced during an EMP is most comparable to the difference between very low frequency AM (Amplitude Modulation) radio transmissions and the much higher FM (Frequency Modulation) spectrum. No solar flares have ever been recorded that are even close to the size required to generate an EMP of this magnitude but the possibility is greater than ever based on studies of the sun.
These are the most powerful man-made EMPs as the EMP waves are made stronger by interactions with the Earth’s magnetic field. A high-altitude EMP blast could knock out the electrical grid in large areas of a country but it is not a global phenomenon. But theoretically, an automobile with a metal body (not fiberglass) should withstand most EMP situations. A EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can be caused by an high-altitude nuclear weapon that will interact with the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic field to produce an EMP radiating down to the Earth and create electrical currents in the Earth. These potential adversaries in their military doctrines include as part of cyber warfare a wide spectrum of operations beyond computer viruses, including sabotage and kinetic attacks, up to and including nuclear EMP attack.
If that weren’t enough, scientists acknowledge that a large solar flare could produce a natural EMP powerful enough to disable electronics around the world simultaneously.

EMPs are actually a common occurrence; however, most of them are very weak in nature and do not affect surrounding electronic equipment. Non-nuclear EMPs are a more recent development and are used more as a localized solution during battle than a large scale weapon. A similar phenomenon will occur following an EMP assuming that societal breakdown does not destroy any chance of overcoming the disaster.
A determined adversary can achieve an EMP attack without having a high level of sophistication.
Oddly enough, a super EMP device is quite easy to produce, is nowhere as complicated as a thermonuclear device and produces its ugly from photons.
Although an EMP event may seem more like a science fiction movie, it could very likely be the event that catapults the world into an apocalyptic frenzy.
For the purposes of this guide EMPs refer to large scale pulse events that have the potential to permanently disable electrical and electronic devices.
Some nuclear weapons are currently being manufactured for the sole purpose of generating an EMP blast instead of physical damage caused by the explosion.

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