This stark look at the world after an EMP has been responsible for the conversion of many to preparedness.
Unlike most survival fiction, this book is very accurate regarding the environment and animal behavior. This book was given to me by paranormal romance and authors that rock in return for an honest reviewI give this book 5 fangs ( I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read the next one)I have to say this isn't my usual reading. I'm not big into disaster books or survival, but EMP was great and I thoroughly enjoyed Harps take on survival. These are just a few of the questions you’ll consider when you read this book about a post-EMP America. EMP is the dramatic story of one man and his struggle for survival in a world that is falling apart.
However EMP changes that the good people are the majority neighbors helping each other going back to their roots. I recommend this book for a change in the usual post apocalyptic violence or for a reason to hope that humanity can pull together in the face of drastic change. Finely written and well-edited, EMP offers a new perspective on the internal and external challenges we may face some day in the event of any disaster.
On the bright side, preparing for more common and local events (loss job, earthquake, power outage) covers a few of the basics for EMP attack, but adding a Faraday cage and a secondary employment skill is on my to-do list. If you require additional with a lighter or a box of dry matches is the preferred fire-beginning emp disaster book method, but shelter wants.

This fantastic guide to EMP attack and solar storm survival is written by the author of The Preppers Apocalypse Survival Guide book series, Steve Rayder.
This book is by the prolific blogger, Michael Snyder, who writes The End of the American Dream and The Economic Collapse Blog. Some reviews suggest that the book starts out slowly, but it has consistently been highly ranked on science fiction lists over the past 50 years. It was written when fear of nuclear war gripped the nation but consistently ranks in Amazon’s top Sci-Fi books 60 years after the original publication.
I probably would not have otherwise as I am not a huge fan of post modern books as they tend to be more violence than storyline. David is visiting his parents in rural Kenton when a solar flare causes an EMP that changes life forever. You can defineltly tell the area the author is from as the first part of the book is heavy on town names, but not so much the further north you go.
I have a deep respect for Harp's talent and voice, and I plan to pick up the rest of his books for more quality reading that is so hard to find. I think it’s mostly because I know it would be a long term and wide spread disaster, and it feels like something that I can never be fully prepared for. The information in this book will give you a huge advantage over everyone else if a powerful EMP ever were to hit us.
Particularly relevant these days due to the Ebola crisis, Stephen King’s longest book is The Stand.

I have read it twice, very hard to put down and definitely a well researched and written book.
EMP is a fresh, original, and engaging story about one man's conflict within himself and his family's survival. For years he has studied and researched the effects of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack on the United States.
Due to the fact that EMPs from the sun have hit us before and the fact that EMP weapons are in existence and waiting to be used, we can expect it will happen. The difference between this book and others is its the story of hope and how humanity is able to pull together to survive and even thrive considering what they are faced with. This book makes one think, and it is layered with complex relationship obstacles and resolutions that make it seem like the author has lived this experience in another life. So many books show only the ugly side of humanity the killing, looting, raiding, basically people turning feral in order to survive. This book exposes how vulnerable we really are to an EMP, it explains the different types of EMP, tells you how society would most likely react to an event like this happening, how long it would take the country to recover and exactly how you can survive until order is restored. It will probably even give you an advantage over a lot of other Preppers seeing as this book also dispels some of the common myths and misconceptions surround EMPs that most people believe.

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