The Electromagnetic Pulse charge, or EMP for short, is a vehicle weapon featured in the multiplayer mode Road Rage in RAGE and left quick-use item. Made with the use of Feltrite-based ingredients, EMP charges are effective against any electricity based devices. WASHINGTON – Contrary to the findings of a 2008 commission mandated by Congress to consider a defense against an electromagnetic pulse attack and its effects on the national grid, a retired Air Force general who also headed the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency says that there isn’t a solution to an EMP attack.
Experts say that protection against an EMP also would provide protection from a cyber attack. Hayden said the administration isn’t doing anything to come up with a solution, even though scientists have said that proper hardening of the national grid would mitigate an EMP either from a direct hit from a solar flare or a man-made high altitude nuclear detonation that would emit a ruinous pulse. An EMP is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy such as gamma rays, x-rays and microwaves caused by the rapid acceleration of super-charged particles.
An EMP event not only would knock out the national grid but would have a cascading effect on all electronics and automated control systems that maintain the life-sustaining critical infrastructures that depend on the proper function of the electrical grid. Hayden said that when he was in government there was agreement that the EMP issue was serious but would be difficult to solve in a timely fashion. He encouraged Hayden to read the EMP Commission reports, an EMP-preparedness law passed in Maine and the proposed SHIELD Act in Congress. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz last week said that the Obama administration is more concerned about a cyber attack than an EMP to knock out the U.S. Former CIA director Hayden’s comments are contrary to concerns from another former CIA director, James Woolsey, who is co-chairman of the EMP Coalition recently formed to pursue legislation to protect the grid. The bill would give the federal government authority over the utilities to harden the grid and the electric utilities against an EMP.

Woolsey said that there is a growing and imminent threat of a natural or man-made EMP on the U.S. In addition to the potential of a high-altitude nuclear burst over a highly populated region of the country, an EMP even from a solar storm maximum also would be devastating to the population over a wide geographical area.
Woolsey has warned that the sun can inflict such an EMP disaster, as it did in the 1989 Hydro-Quebec geomagnetic storm that blacked out eastern Canada, causing billions of dollars in economic losses. Experts say the cost to harden the electrical grid would be no more than $2 billion, a fraction of the toll of an EMP. But considering it for more than a moment, many preppers are in danger of losing key components of their defense to a high electromagnetic pulse (HEMP). Roll out of bed, punch the panic code on the safe, which does not open because an EMP occurred while you were sleeping. The point is that there is something you can do about EMP or HEMP or any threat other than a Black Swan. Understanding the three different elements will clear up much of the confusion between geomagnetic EMP caused by solar events and HEMP generated by nuclear detonations at sufficient altitude make use of Compton Scattering to unleash the power of high-energy Compton electrons high in the atmosphere. My common sense tells me that if electronic appliances are unplugged they become passive and an EMP pulse will not harm them.
That is a practical understanding of the difference between EMP resulting from a geomagnetic event and nuke detonated high enough in the atmosphere to trigger Compton Scattering of high energy Compton electrons found there. THE ISSUE AS I SEE IT IS THAT YOU LIKELY AREN'T GOING TO KNOW BEFOREHAND WHEN AN EMP IS GOING TO HAPPEN. This is a very serious problem, but it is more convenient for voters to concern themselves with important issues like reality TV and celebrity gossip to worry about dying from starvation, disease or exposure after an EMP.

Don't worry about the "experts falsely so-called." Dr Pry, who chaired the EMP commission recommends this as shielding. Kenneth Chrosniak, who is on a congressional task force on preparation and response plans for EMP emergencies, however, takes exception to Hayden’s comments.
A geomagnetic EMP (from a solar event) would not likely bother an LED flashlight unless it was a rechargeable model than plugs into the wall and was connected.
Many electronics even if they aren't plugged into your home wiring if the EMP field strength is high enough at your location. If I was trying to coax the E3 compment of NHEMP or a geomagnetic EMP to induce arcs inside bullet cases, especially with any regularity, I would say you best bet would be to set an ammo can full of loose ammo on a railroad track, pipeline or wire it to the phone or power grid. Otherwise, it wouldn't have sufficient conductor length to act as an antenna to conduct the EMP. The portion of the a nuclear yield expressed as EMP can be increased through any number of modifications to the weapon such as a thinner bomb casing which will allow more Gama radiation to penetrate it. A number of factors made the few weapons the US used for this type of testing very inefficient at expressing a large portion of the yield as EMP. Any major future wars will undoubtedly see use of EMP or Super-EMP weapons that could damage much of our "shielded" gear since it is only shielded against a about 50,000 volts per meter of EMP field strength. Weapons designed for optimal EMP yield easily deliver 3-5 times that field strength and could easily knock out insufficiently shielded equipment.

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