Utility companies around the world are replacing electric, gas and water analog meters with pulsed radiation smart meter networks, which are costing us money, privacy, and our health and safety. Read about customers smart meter health complaints, which include sleep problems, headaches, nausea, anxiety, heart palpitations, tinnitus and ear pain, concentration and memory problems, dizziness, immune, nervous and hormonal system impacts. Vulnerable groups include people with EMF sensitivities, medical implants, compromised immune systems, children, pregnant women, seniors and the environment!
Smart meter installations are causing fires, explosions and burnt out appliances in homes across the US Canada and Australia.
Read customers Smart Meter Complaints about cost and other problems including interference.
Smart Grid proponents are expecting consumers will install a Home Area Network (HAN) and new smart appliances.  Installing the HAN will allow the utility company to further monitor your electric usage and control the grid, by turning off certain appliances during peak use time, as they need.
The EMF Safety Network started the campaign against smart meters in Sebastopol California in 2009. This 173-page report “Analysis: Smart Meter and Smart Grid Problems – Legislative Proposal” by activist Nina Beety has extensive referenced information about many of the problems and risks of the Smart Meter program, with information from state, national, and international resources. Wireless smart meters and public acceptance: The environment, limited choices, and precautionary politics by David J. PG&E should never have been given the legal right or authority to install the so-called smart meters. There should be an immediate and permanent ban on further installation of wireless “smart meters,” and a public service campaign to inform consumers of opt-out options. 1) Most multi-residence buildings in San Francisco and elsewhere have meters together in banks (eight, sixteen and more) located adjacent to one unit in the building. Although no one else is talking about it, I know for a fact that when the major blackout struck from South Orange County, California to Mexico, it was during a major electric meter project being conducted by Southern California Edison. I’ve been noticing that for the last three months since I opted out (and KEPT my analog meter), that my electricity bill — not including the outrageous opt-out surcharge — has INCREASED by a consistent 60 percent over the same months of the previous year. The following is a compilation of reports from the US , Australia and Canada about fires, explosions, electrical problems or burned out appliances due to Smart Meter installations.  If you have experienced similar problems, please post your story in the comment section below. Norm Lambe, an insurance claims adjustor, contends the utility companies are tampering with the evidence by immediately removing smart meters when there’s a fire. Well, last night it rained in Regina, Saskatchewan, and there was another smart meter fire.
The Reno and Sparks fire chiefs are asking the Public Utilities Commission to investigate the safety of smart meters installed by NV Energy on homes throughout the state in the wake of a troubling spate of blazes they believe are associated with the meters, including one recent fire that killed a 61-year-old woman.

Nine fires have occurred in Reno and Sparks that city investigators say are linked to the smart meters. Fire chief Garrison said meter fires are particularly concerning because they start on the outside of the house, won’t be picked up by indoor smoke detectors and can escape immediate notice.
NV Energy executives steadfastly maintain that its smart meters have never been listed as the official cause of any structure fire in Nevada. In Saskatchewan Canada the government ordered 105,000 smart meters be replaced with non-transmitting older meters because of several fires started by smart meters.  “The concerns are significant enough that we believe that any time that families are at risk here in Saskatchewan, actions have to be taken. In addition 70,000 smart meters with an automatic shut off will be replaced in Portland Oregon because of fires. A couple hours later, the SMUD technician came and when he got closer to the smart meter he said he smelled “burn”.
CBS Detroit also reported on the fire stating the resident Kirk Lytwyn stated:  “A representative from DTE was out here to change the meters and in the process of changing the meters, from what I understand, it blew on him, blew right in his face,” Lytwyn said. Page 10 “During our initial research of the new meters we encountered an unusual amount of fire incidents involving smart meters. IEEE Smart Meter Fire Reports “Obviously all companies with smart meter programs, and all their suppliers and sub-contractors, are going to have to take a close look at the issue of fire hazards. GEORGIA Family reports smart meter fire.  In the photo the homeowner holds the charred remains of a smart meter which exploded and caught fire on her home, causing $11,000 worth of damage.
Recently Maryland utility regulators held a hearing with four major electricity companies about smart meters. According to the Tribune, ComEd replaced 15 heat damaged Smart Meters, and is sending its meter designs for independent evaluation, before it deploys more meters next year. 28 smart meters were replaced by PG&E when a power line replacement caused a power surge which fried appliances, TVs and air conditioners. A report by the Mission fire department said the blaze, which destroyed Trish Regan’s house in the 7900-block of Burdock Street and leaped to the roof of a neighbouring home on June 15, originated at an insulating “lug” in the lower left corner of the meter base. The base is the mounting plate for the meter, which measures how much electricity a home consumes during each utility-service billing period.
Nail said he wants FPL to tell its customers how many house fires have started at a smart meter, instead of just saying the meters themselves cannot start fires. Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) smart meter fire review concluded they could have been caused by faulty installation.
According to Carr there was no pattern to the damage.  There would be three houses with damaged meters, then one or two in a row that were intact.

Thanks to Ronald Powell Ph,D for placing two reviews of smart meter health impacts side by side.  He compares the EMF Safety Network Survey results (USA 2011 ) to an Australian peer reviewed study by Dr. In 2011, The County of Santa Cruz passed an ordinance banning smart meters, but PG&E deployed smart meters anyway.
The company described it as similar to the other nine fires with melting or smoke seen on the meters, but no damage to the house.
In 2012, Peco Energy in Philadelphia switched out 186,000 Sensus smart meters after fire concerns, according to news accounts.
According to the news report Georgia installed the same type of meters-Sensus- that have sparked fires in other states. Lucie County Fire Chief Ron Parrish said the outside of a home adjacent a newly installed meter sustained damage Feb. I have personally worked two large homeowner fires in which the Smart Meters were determined as responsible. People described it as hearing a whirring sound like the meter was speeding up, then like an explosion.
The CPUC and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have rubber stamped utility  safety claims that the meters transmit a few times a day at 1 watt. And Sask-Power in Saskatchewan, Canada is in the process of replacing more than 100,000 Sensus smart meters, according to news accounts.
Some of the meters weren’t blown off, but they were fried and the glass was gone,” Carr said.
According to the Bucks County Courier Times, the Bensalem Battalion Chief Robert Sponheimer said the fire started in a utility meter in an outside shed. My observation was that the flames came from the Smart Meter, not the cable, and the meter continued to run until it totally melted down.
I have been on record all along as refusing a smart meter.  I am 84 years old, with rapidly deteriorating vision. It’s time for them to take responsibility and absorb any and all costs associated with the removal of already installed smart meters, and a complete halt to further installations. The equipment provider (CenterPoint Energy) disclaimed any obligation to replace any of the damage cable, meter can or breaker box taken out of service by the fire.

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