Perhaps the most chilling fact is that EMF radiation is nearly impossible to get away from. This company produces paints similar to Y-shield and may provide up to 100% EMF and RF shielding! Personal Protection - The ADR-Protect is used to reduce the negative symptoms associated with the effects of emf, cell phone radiation, microwaves and other forms of emf pollution. The benefits of under the Rainbow Healing Stones Jewellery include increased creativity, focus and clear thinking, higher productivity at home and work, stress elimation. EMF Fee Zone is the result of many years of research, by Peter Webb, into the biological effects of electro-magnetic fields on plants, animals and humans. Its purpose is to protect human Bio-electric field in the larger areas from the harmful effects of EMF radiation and some other harmful emissions. 15" and 17" screen size lap top pads with the built-in military grade Emf protection shield.

Anti-Radiation Phone Case that blocks up to 60% of all EMF waves emitted from the cell phones. ProShield™ Laptop pad By Smart&Safe® blocks both heat and EMF radiation emitting from laptop computers.
Shields you from Emf dangers and heat produced by your iPad 1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th generation. EchoTubez® radiation free headset will reduce up to 98% of harmful EMF radiation generated by cell phones. Whether it’s protective paint, window films, or protective clothing, you don’t have to suffer from EMF or RF overexposure. The following products offer a variety of effective ways to protect your house and living space from EMF and RF radiation. The product claims a 90-95% shielding and mentions that it makes indoor heating and cooling more efficient.

Naturell is a little darker, denser, and provides a greater reduction in EMFs and RFs; Daylite is lighter with slightly less reduction. Appliances, WiFi, personal electronics, smart meters, and especially cell phones (which produce EMF frequencies in the Ghz) have caused EMF exposure has gone through the roof — literally.
We already know that many individuals report nausea, problems sleeping and concentrating, and even hyperactivity as a result of constant EMF and radio frequency (RF) exposure. We are not responsible for the content or products of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site.

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