There are many benefits that REN products offer aside from EMF protection or rather because of it. REN Protection Pendant can be carried in a pocket, purse, on a key chain, or worn as a necklace. Designed for users without major electro sensitivity issues and normal daily exposure to Emf radiation. REN Large - Super Strength - Keep at home or at work to effectively protect large areas of space from Emf dangers. EmfProtectionStore is the sole distributor of the REN Emf Protection Pendant for North America. Its purpose is to protect human Bio-electric field in the larger areas from the harmful effects of EMF radiation and some other harmful emissions. 15" and 17" screen size lap top pads with the built-in military grade Emf protection shield.

Anti-Radiation Phone Case that blocks up to 60% of all EMF waves emitted from the cell phones. ProShield™ Laptop pad By Smart&Safe® blocks both heat and EMF radiation emitting from laptop computers. Shields you from Emf dangers and heat produced by your iPad 1st, 2nd, 3d and 4th generation. EchoTubez® radiation free headset will reduce up to 98% of harmful EMF radiation generated by cell phones. Q-Link products are a unique line of EMF protection devices that can help you improve your overall wellness using your own body’s natural energies. Immersed in an ocean of various electromagnetic fields, we require increased protection and defense. Users of REN products and medical doctors who work in the field of quantum and bio-resonant medicine have reported significant benefits in documented testimonials.

If you do not want to wear your REN EMF Protection Pendant, place it in an upright position when possible in the space where you spend most of your time (office, living room, bedroom, car). Choose your pendant depending on the amount of the Emf radiation you are exposed to daily and your sensitivity to it. The REN Emf Pendant is 100% safe for all users – including adults, children, pregnant women, and those living with acute and chronic ailments.

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