The Nu-Me skinny is as powerful as the Regular size classic Nu-Me pendant with a protective field of 6.5 meters. Scalar waves in the solfeggio healing frequencies make them much more than just a standard EMF protective pendant. Nu Me confidentil EMF Protction pendants De-stress life with our new amazing Nu-Me confidential collection.
The Nu-Me protective pendants has always been admired as a beautiful piece of jewellery, but the confidential collection elevates The Nu-Me to new heights. The Skinny pendants are not merely functional- they are hand crafted pieces of jewellery made in New Zealand.

The Skinny pendants are not merely functional-  they are hand crafted pieces of jewellery made in New Zealand.
With two new breath-taking designs both of which are reversible they really do take the same-old out of EMF protection and energy balancing.
We broke the traditional mold with the Nu-Me protective pendant but we have taken this one step further with our new designs.
Although only 3cm (1 ?”) it gives more than adequate protection to the wearer against electromagnetic field radiation and all forms of unbalanced energy whilst boosting the immune system and balancing your bio-energy field. In fact we say without fear of contradiction that protective pendants have never been as exciting to wear as the Nu-Me Skinny.

Suddenly a mere piece of jewellery becomes a protector of your safety and well-being – and no one will even know – unless you tell them.
Energetically they are as powerful as the Compact Nu-Me, giving a protective and balancing field of 3 meters (aprox 3 yards). It is pendant with a difference, not only fashionably stunning it will protect you from all the nasty’s you may encounter – EMF and unbalanced energy (yours and that generated by other people) while keeping you centered and calm with a boost to your immune system.

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