What disgusted me even more were the companies selling fake EMF protection devices seeking to make a quick buck out of all this.
I created this website to help people and share EMF protection solutions that I know work, not to debate the relative merits of these devices. If you’re interested in EMF protection that works, start by applying the principles laid out in my EMF Protection Free Report.
Since you have a hypersensitivity to EMFs, what I was wondering is if you could expose yourself to EMFs for a few hours while carrying the shungite to test it’s effectiveness.
You are surely right in your assessment that man-made EMFs are not doing us any good to our health, especially those coming from mobile phones – which never had authorisation for market launch, but to say stones and crystals can help is only half the story. It means minimizing your exposure to EMFs while simultaneously supporting your body with the raw materials it needs to protect and repair itself. So if you put a question to me on the website citing an EMF protection product name and asking my opinion, don’t be offended if I don’t answer. An EMF protection gadget that makes you feel as though you can’t feel these exposures might sound attractive.
The beneficial effect of the fake EMF protection device is derived entirely from the expectations that the person has about the gadget working.

Compare this with classic (or direct) EMF protection which relies on taking measurable action. If you’ve sent me a question asking my opinion on this or that sticker, diode, resonator or harmonizer and I’ve directed you to this page, you now understand why I’ve sent you here.
Right now I feel that if it were not for the tinnitus I experience, I would feel 80% better. Our bodies haven’t evolved to deal with the man-made EMFs which have been thrust upon us in the last few decades or so.
If I start to endorse EMF protection gadgets I don’t believe in this makes me no better than the people that are making zillions from peddling the wireless and other EMF technology when they know full well the harm they’re inflicting.
I am not living in a house with WiFi now but am exposed in coffee shops or fast food places, and I do not stay long in them.
For millions of years our bodies have evolved in an environment where the only significant EMFs present were those emanating from the earth itself. Bracelets and other quick fix solutions are not the right approach – I say this based on my own experience, my research and insights gained from hundreds of sufferers and other people that have tried to deal with EMFs in this way. I have been wearing a pendant for the past year and a half, thinking that it would provide me with some protection from WiFi, especially…but I am not sure it has done anything at all.

I questioned the American Tinnitus Association about the connection between EMF and tinnitus and they sent me links to studies that have been done…concensus is that there is a definite correlation there, and more research is needs to be done. There’s one thing you must get absolutely 100% clear on – the ONLY way to achieve true EMF protection is by respecting your body and respecting nature. When any electronics are turned on in that room, the EMF meter goes extremely high as you get closer to the wall and it doesn’t matter where the device is plugged in.
Whatever you do to reduce these exposures you can then measure in a very concrete way by using your EMF meter to measure again.
EMF protection should not about artificially devising ways of enabling your body to endure higher and higher doses of EMF exposure.

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