One study clearly showing the footprint of cell-related EMF health effects (including electronic smog - ES) was conducted by a group of medical doctors in Oberfranken4, Germany, who were interested in a clustering of confusing symptoms among their patients.
The continually repeated assertion in the media by the Radiological Protection Commission (Strahlenschutzkommission), that there is no proof for health risks under the present valid limits, has had the consequence that most doctors, (including myself until a year ago) have not drawn a relationship between the many unexplained illness patterns and high frequency radiation. Our therapeutic efforts to restore health are becoming increasingly less effective: the unimpeded and continuous penetration of radiation into living and working areas particularly bedrooms, an essential place for relaxation, regeneration and healing causes uninterrupted stress and prevents the patient's thorough recovery.
Stricter safety limits and major reduction of sender output and HFMR pollution on a justifiable scale, especially in areas of sleep and convalescence A say on the part of local citizens and communities regarding the placing of antennae (which in a democracy should be taken for granted) Education of the public, especially of mobile telephone users, regarding the health risks of electromagnetic fields Ban on mobile telephone use by small children, and restrictions on use by adolescents Ban on mobile telephone use and digital cordless (DECT) telephones in preschools, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, events halls, public buildings and vehicles (as with the ban on smoking) Mobile telephone and HFMR-free zones (as with auto-free areas) Revision of DECT standards for cordless telephones with the goal of reducing radiation intensity and limiting actual use time, as well as avoiding the biologically critical HFMR pulsation Industry-independent research, finally with the inclusion of amply available critical research results and our medical observations. In several studies, the chronic symptoms of residents near cell tower antennas were described. This is of considerable clinical relevance because psychiatric symptoms also exhibit altered PEA levels. After having exhausted the biological feedback mechanisms, major health problems are to be expected.
Thus, the significant results presented here not only provide clear evidence for health-relevant effects in the study subjects of Rimbach after a new GSM base station had been installed there, but they also offer the opportunity to carry out a causal analysis. In the Rimbach data, once again, we have a rare study that clearly shows the wireless EMF footprint in the development of pathological disease conditions - as well as some detailed mechanisms.
These are truly deep systemic impacts on human physiology, and help explain the wide range of symptoms and chronic disease conditions that have been linked to long-term EMF exposure.
That deteriorating health due to these three areas necessarily equates to mental and emotional dysfunction - affecting even our most basic thinking processes - is often overlooked (or actively suppressed). In today's world there is no way to avoid EMF exposure entirely - just as there is no way to avoid a degree of chemical toxic exposure, or eat an exclusively ancestral diet consistent with human evolution (or to even know precisely what that diet is). Listen to SOTT Radio Network's Health and Wellness show on EMF Exposure to learn more about man-made sources of EMF, past study results, what you can do to measure your EMF exposure, and what steps you can take to minimize it. Non-ionizing radiation, similar to that sent and received by the microwave transceivers, mentioned above, has been confirmed by thousands of scientific studies to cause all of the symptoms, listed above.

The symptoms at the bottom of the figure show grouping by pathology in the seven groups, with the first group categorized as 'no symptoms'.
The remaining 30% reported symptoms in one or more of the other groups, with the notable exception of Group 6 [note: the percentages do not add up to 100% since an individual might report symptoms in two or more groups]. The doctors do not know that at not one single mobile phone base station have investigations into the health-state of the people been carried out. In the interest of all those concerned, whose basic right to life and freedom from bodily harm is currently being put at stake, we appeal to those in the spheres of politics and public health.
Here the German doctors have outlined the major diseases they have encountered, as well as a host of symptoms that have (since) been clearly linked with EMF exposure. The top 10 symptoms experienced by those claiming to be sensitive include memory problems, difficulty concentrating, eye problems, sleep disorder, feeling unwell, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, and heart palpitations.
Hippocrates' statement "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" was good guidance for past times devoid of man-made chemicals and EMF. But we can test and apply our knowledge on all three fronts to give our bodies the best chance of conquering disease and maintaining the best possible health. OPEN LETTER, Foreword - Documented Health Damage under the Influence of High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Dr.
Chronic, cumulative exposure to non-ionizing radiation can can lead to serious life-threatening health problems including heart arrhythmias, brain tumors, soft tissue cancer, leukemia and diabetes.
It's likely that a chronic disease condition results from a unique and individual combination of these top-level stressors, so EMF exposure should be considered in the context of other source causes, as suggested in Figure 1. Radio frequency (RF) cell tower power density (including DECT cordless phones) was measured at each residence, and this data was correlated with reported symptoms, broken into seven groups. The remaining six groups list symptoms that are generally recognized as ES-related when they occur together in some individuals. For us, this is the beginning of a very serious development through which the health of many people is being threatened.

The cell becomes nutrient deficient, which leads to energy deficiency and the inability to communicate with the cells around it, resulting in a disruption of intercellular communication, impairment of the immune system and acute symptoms. The newly developed symptoms can be explained clinically with the help of disturbances in the humoral stress axis. But today, we must apply our knowledge of these two additional areas in actions and decisions that will truly give us the best chance of recovery and maintenance of our health.
An examination of the components of Figure 5 reveals that it is the multinational-industrial complex, in concert with government puppets (politicians, regulatory agencies, etc), that set the stage for a proliferation of poisonous consumables which, outwardly, bear the look of positive technology enhancement, but which in reality slowly rob us of our physical and mental health. The study produced data for the percentage of reports in these symptom groups as a function of exposure to four ranges of measured RF power density. Groups 2 through 7 show significant increases in symptom reports that are highly correlated with the RF power density of exposure.
There is much evidence that negative conditions in these three areas (Figure 5) can and do interact with devastating health impact - just like two relatively benign drugs that, when combined, produce serious systemic malfunction.
These are the most common symptoms associated with all EMF exposure and are often reported together.
When the cordless phone was removed from the house, the horse's symptoms subsided within a few days and did not return.
A few days after the removal of the cordless phone from the home the skin condition began to heal, followed by a full recovery.

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