With this tank you’ll store as much water as five 55 gallon drums utilizing only 7 square feet of floor space. 260 Gallon Tank: The SureWater 260 gallon tank is oval shaped and designed to fit through all standard 29" doorways. 50' Drink Safe Handi-Hose: This revolutionary flat coiling hose is ideal for your emergency preparedness and water storage needs. With this tank you'll store as much water as five 55 gallon drums utilizing only 7 square feet of floor space. The first water tank within an order will be charged at the full shipping rate but every additional water tank thereafter will ship for only half the shipping rate. With the 12" Drink Safe Coupling you can fill your tank from the bottom valve rather than through the top lid.

Here is a list of the states where shipping is free for bulk tank orders: WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, ID, UT, CO, & WY.
The first and easiest way to save on the cost of shipping is to have multiple water tanks delivered to a single address. With this tank you're paying only $1.15 per gallon and can store 525 gallons utilizing only 14 square feet of floor space. While others fumble around with a low quality barrels, siphons, and bung wrenches, you'll have a high-quality, easy to rotate, and easy to use SureWater Tank.
PLEASE thoroughly inspect your water tank(s) upon delivery and refuse any delivery of damaged items.
This light weight hose winds up flat on its rugged plastic reel and squeezes out the water as it goes.

In addition to potable water, they are ideal for fertilizers, chemicals, oils, lubricants, and any other bulk liquid that is chemically compatible. Top-cap with spring loaded vent allows easy filling from the top with a drinking water hose. Under normal circumstances we will process your order and ship your water tank in 5-7 days. Our water storage tanks are ideal for a variety of liquid storage and transportation needs.

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