A smartphone and tablet app has been developed that could saves the lives of Victorians who are deaf or hard of hearing this fire season. A focus on supply chains has helped cattle giant AACo record a big lift in its first-half earnings announced today. Suppliers to Pioneer Mill at Brandon have signed an interim supply agreement with miller, Wilmar, for the 2017 crushing season. Search over 20,000 rural real estate listings online including farms, rural property and acreage for sale.
Learners will interactively control a Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) and a Emergency Warning Intercommunication System (EWIS) pictured below.

People who undertake this work may act as the primary liaison with emergency services after their arrival. This unit is part of suite of eleven workplace emergency response units and is part of the evacuation stream.
This unit has been developed to cover the broad range of emergencies and workplaces as considered in Australian Standard 3745. Hazard identification and precautions to be taken during emergencies and during an evacuation. Topics covered in this course include: Locate and identify fire safety systems, check and monitor the status of fire safety systems.

This unit would benefit members of Emergency Control Organisations, Emergency Planning Committee and Emergency Response Teams.
The importing of these units of competency into other industry training packages is also promoted as the units are seen as relevant for all industries.

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