A survey which looked at Southlanders preparedness for a civil defence emergency shows while 56 per cent of people have items stored around the house, only 34 per cent have an emergency kit ready to go. The Environment Southland 2012 Residents' Opinion Survey, carried out by Versus Research, asked 600 people throughout the region about their preparedness, and found the top three emergency supplies people have ready were: non-perishable food (69 per cent), a torch (51 per cent) and bottled water (50 per cent). The results were discussed at this morning's Civil Defence Emergency Management Group meeting at Environment Southland. Emergency Management Southland manager Neil Cruickshank said it was good news that people had supplies of bottled water and canned foods in their household, it was disappointing only 38 per cent had an emergency plan in place. Welfare teams are being set up around Marlborough to deal with emergency events such as the magnitude-6.5 earthquake that rattled the region on Sunday last week.
It takes time for the Marlborough Emergency Management team to assemble at the Emergency Operations Centre in Blenheim, assess the damage and risks, brief the team and then contact each area in the region to organise the next step.

The team would provide a focal point for people to assemble, establish communication with the Emergency Operations Centre in Blenheim and create a contact and resource list. Electronic toll collection devices for the duration of shipment nz supplies emergency to the consumer route, don't forget to mark your. The change has not been major, but for a while, he placed a much bigger emphasis on emergency preparation, something his job description does not include. Marlborough District Council emergency services officer Gary Spence said he had been working on establishing 14 welfare sectors throughout Marlborough for the past six months.
The kit should be easily accessible and contain enough supplies for a family or household to survive for at least three days. Families and households needed to discuss what they would do in the event of an earthquake or emergency event, including where they would go and where they would meet if they were to be separated.

A mobile welfare centre would be established at Stadium 2000 for people in Blenheim's residential zone, with town buildings as emergency accommodation. In Tonkin's home, he now has four fire extinguishers, while there are also first-aid kits, torches, emergency food supplies and cookers spread about his house and cars. We have designed and compiled emergency survival kits for homes, cars, offices and schools which concentrate on the essential products in order to assist you and your family to survive for 3 days in an emergency. The emergency kit should have enough food for at least three days, but ideally each family would have food and supplies for a week, Mr Spence said.

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