The initial CERT Training generally lasts for five weeks and equals approximately 32 hours of instruction and hands on exercises.
The following two online FEMA classes are required in order for CERT students to complete the CERT Training Class.
With a reader-friendly approach, this book is a valuable resource for all fire departments, academies and colleges conducting initial and refresher firefighter training.
Sam Porter of Oklahoma conducts training on basic disaster relief ministries for a congregation in Bangkok.
Current topics include a new chapter on large incident and disaster response, as well as new information on fire life safety initiatives, managing air supply and performing emergency checks, predicting building collapse, GPS technology, thermal imaging use in search and rescue, new considerations for terrorism response, and much more!
Montgomery County CERT training caters to residents of the county who are at least 18 years of age. This comprehensive training manual provides you with need to know information critical for development of Firefighter I and II skills, as well as practical advice necessary for proficiency on the job.

Francis Horton, Baptist Global Response director for Central and South Asia, recaps contents of a disaster relief training manual being compiled by a disaster relief team from Oklahoma for use inside Myanmar for victims of Cyclone Nargis. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members learn to assist their family, their neighbors and their coworkers following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help.
When visas to enter Myanmar proved impossible to obtain, the team began training others to do the hands-on ministry for which the volunteers had the knowledge and experience."Moses never got a visa to enter the Promised Land, but he got to stand on Mount Nebo and look over into it," Porter said. A group from Texas Baptist Men who also were in Bangkok assisted the BGR team in compiling the manual."This effort will be extremely impactful above what we can imagine," Horton said.
CERT leadership coordinates with the Training Coordinator to provide three trainings per year when possible.
Meeting 100% of the 2008 NFPA Standard 1001, this new edition seeks to meet and exceed the requirements for firefighting training in order to lead candidates to success on the certification exam, as well as serve as a handy reference for refresher training. If there is space availability in the next CERT Training Class, the CERT Registrar will send an invitation email approximately four to five weeks prior to the start of the class.

We expect to export it to national peoples in China, northeast India, Pakistan and Afghanistan for them to have whenever an emergency hits in their area in the future."Once the nine-page manual was completed, the BGR team conducted a 90-minute training session for a Burmese congregation in Bangkok on Sunday evening, May 18.
While you wait attending your first CERT Training Class, you may use the following link to access the CERT Training Manual. Thoroughly revised by a team of respected experts in the fire service, Firefighter's Handbook: Firefighting & Emergency Response, Third Edition, touches on new practices, technology and initiatives that are a consideration for all firefighters.
Approximately 80 people attended the session moderated by Porter and Burmese pastor.Through the training manual and training session, Horton said, "We want to not only help the Myanmar people get back to where they were before the storm hit, but also to improve their lives.
This new knowledge, especially about sanitation, how to prevent disease, and [about] water purification will help to do just that."On Monday, May 19, BGR team members attended the organizational meeting of a group called the Myanmar Christian Coalition for Cyclone Relief, organized by Beram Kumar, executive director of the Malaysian Center for Global Ministry.

Individual disaster preparedness
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