General emergency proceduresEvacuation procedureThere are three stages to follow if you have to leave the workplacedue to an emergency:1.
Firstly we require existing blueprint or building plans so that we can generally match your emergency diagrams to them.
We then visit your workplace and draw up a draft map from your building plans outlining egress pathways, exit door locations, location of fire equipment and assembly areas. Emergency response flip charts are an effective way of referencing important contacts and actions to be taken in an emergency. An emergency flip chart is a handy document that can be positioned in clear easily accessed positions throughout your building, warehouse, factory or place of business.
Fire Direct has created a specialised poster with information on what to do in the event of and emergency, including what the emergency warning sounds will be, and what to do when you hear them.
Emergency response posters are a great way of providing easy to access information which are be important in an emergency.

An emergency procedures poster easy to follow and can be positioned in clear easily accessed positions throughout your building, warehouse, factory or place of business. During and emergency, it is important that members of the workplace emergency team are easy to identify. The development of emergency response procedures for inclusion in an emergency plan is not complete unless consideration is given to the occupants and visitors of a facility who may require assistance or are likely to experience difficulty in responding to an emergency and therefore require their own personal emergency evacuation plan.
AS 3745 also recommends that a list of the names of those occupants with a disability requiring a personal emergency evacuation plan be held at the location from where the chief warden operates in an emergency. In accordance with AS 3745, an emergency plan is required to document the emergency arrangements for a facility and detail preparedness, prevention and response activities. AS 3745 includes emergency roles, responsibilities, strategies, systems and arrangements. A facility's emergency planning committee in association with the facility owners, managers, occupiers and employers are responsible for deciding which types of emergencies require specific emergency response procedures to be included in theemergency plan under AS 3745. Those required to participate in the implementation and maintenance of theemergency plan are nominated as the facility's emergency planning committee, emergency control organisation, management and nominated staff under AS 3745.

These are an essential part of your evacuation procedure and are required by Work Health and Safety legislation. It also includes valuable information about evacuation procedures and alerting emergency services. Furthermore, suitable emergency and evacuation strategies in the emergency plan should be discussed with those occupants for which a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) has been developed.

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