The SAFE-T-PROOF collection of Ready-Made Survival Kits, Survival Supplies and Emergency Food and Water, ensure total preparedness in the event of an Earthquake.
The NYC Office of Emergency Management’s READY NEW YORK campaign encourages residents to stay prepared for disasters and emergencies.
The more advance planning you do for disasters, the fewer decisions you have to make under the pressure of a real emergency. While disasters are rare, the peculiar geography of Southwest Florida makes preparation for disasters a critical part of each vestry's responsibilities. Incidents and emergencies can occur at any time, they can arise from a number of causes, and can have a significant impact on the University's operations.
These guidelines have been written for reference by the management of the University of Sydney's faculties, schools and departments, and professional services units.

Response to incidents, which can be managed relatively quickly using local resources, possibly with the assistance of the Emergency Services.
Management of emergencies that usually involve intervention by the Emergency Services and require a greater level of coordination to address the wider implications.
The procedures relating to each level of emergency response are documented in three different plans.Incident Response Plan (IRP)The IRP details the procedures for coordination between Security Services, Building Emergency Control Organisations (ECO) and the attending emergency services, and protocols for escalation to Emergency response. The EMC meets monthly and provides reports to the Senior Executive Group, the Safety and Risk Management Committee of Senate and the Central OHS Committee.Building Emergency ProceduresLocal Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring that building emergency procedures are implemented in accordance with the performance standards outlined in the Guidelines for Building Emergency Procedures. The IRP will be tested regularly in accordance with the requirements of the Building Emergency Procedures. Districts should have an Emergency Management Plan in place in accordance with Senate Bill 11.

All school personnel, students, and parents should be made aware of the district's plan, who the team members are, and the roles and responsibilities of all persons involved. Our goal is to help you work through the crisis and return to as near normal school climate and schedule as possible, and as quickly as possible.

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