BCFS' Emergency Management Division provides critical emergency support services to federal, state and local governments, as well as private businesses and institutions, before-during-and after disasters. BCFS' EMD plays a key role in helping jurisdictions strengthen preparedness efforts and execute no-fail response operations that keep Americans safe.
The agency maintains multidisciplinary all-hazards Incident Management Team (IMT) of more than 180 highly-trained and experienced emergency management personnel throughout the nation. The ERU – a division of Tube Lines – is dedicated to ensuring that the network is made safe, and services restored as quickly as possible following a fire, derailment or other emergency.
The ERU teams have one of the most crucial jobs in the City and they continue to help London as a fourth emergency service.
Mayor Reginald Tatum said this will create a quicker emergency response time not only for the city, but for the parish as well.
Here are 50 of the top paying jobs in public health organized by formal educational requirements. Public health inspectors’ responsibilities include inspecting public buildings as well as businesses such as restaurants for safety and health code violations. Environmental Health Emergency Response Specialists work to coordinate efforts to rescue and assist affected members of a population that has experienced an environmental health emergency.
Environmental Health Emergency Response Specialists work in the field in conjunction with community leaders in order to put emergency preparedness plans into place. Environmental Health Emergency Response Specialists are generally required to hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, biology or chemistry.
The salary of an Environmental Health Emergency Response Specialists ranges from $29,000 – $101,000.
Individuals who direct nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are responsible for a wide variety of managerial and oversight tasks.
Public health information officers are responsible for providing information about major health issues to the public and for promoting disease prevention.
Medical writers’ responsibilities include crafting documents on medical issues in clear and concise language. Emergency preparedness specialists are responsible for providing emergency preparedness training to first responders and the general public.

Emergency preparedness specialists generally work for municipal, state and federal public safety offices. The majority of emergency preparedness specialists hold a four-year degree in public or urban planning. Public health journalists are responsible for writing feature stories and articles about medical topics that are of interest to the general public. Medical investigators are responsible for collecting and examining evidence in order to determine the cause of death in criminal investigations. Management policy advisors are responsible for analyzing management activity and suggesting policy changes at nonprofit and for-profit organizations, corporations and government bodies. Directors of family health services are responsible for overseeing the operation of public family health centers.
Although entry-level statistician jobs are available for those who earn a bachelor’s degree, most jobs require at least a master’s degree in mathematics, statistics or a discipline that requires strong research skills.
Pharmacoepidemiologists belong to a subset of epidemiologists, who are clinical researchers responsible for investigating the cause and spread of disease.
Academic policy advisors are responsible for making crucial decisions about health education programs. Emergency preparedness and bioterrorism coordinators work with local health departments to ensure that sufficient staff are in place in case of bioterrorist attacks or public health emergencies. Emergency preparedness and bioterrorism coordinators work in health departments and with government agencies. The salary range for emergency preparedness and bioterrorism coordinators varies significantly depending upon geographic area. Public health planners are responsible for compiling and analyzing statistics pertinent to public health issues. Professors of public health have a major impact on public health because they are responsible for teaching future public health workers. Each responder is trained and certified in National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS). During an emergency, these professionals will work in the field to ensure that plans are being carried out.

They are also required to evaluate community-wide emergency preparedness and may formulate disaster or terrorism response plans.
They generally have previous experience in the field of emergency preparedness and management. They analyze historic information about disaster response and compile data about overall emergency preparedness in a given area. Although there are many opportunities available in this field, competition for these jobs is high; job growth in this field is average. They are responsible for researching the benefits and drawbacks of legislation related to public health.
They work closely with policy advisors to implement emergency management plans and oversee staff training. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the salary range for such jobs runs between $40,000 – $150,000 per year. They are responsible for writing detailed reports to present to policy and management advisors. The job market for statisticians is expected to grow by 14 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is equivalent to the average growth of all jobs.
Demand for emergency preparedness and bioterrorism coordinators is growing rapidly across the U.S. However, some behavior scientists working in technical capacities may be able to find jobs with a master’s degree.
The number of available jobs for dietitians is expected to rise by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020. As with most health-related jobs, the employment outlook for professors of public health is excellent.

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