Recognition of a potential emergency situation Ask yourself questions that will help you recognize risky situations or the possibility of an emergency or accident occurring. Signaling mirror The emergency signaling mirror is approximately 3 by 5 inches and consists of an aluminized reflecting glass mirror, a back cover glass, and a sighting device.
The taller bearer kneels at the casualty's head, slides his hands under the arms and across the chest, and locks his hands. Crowd and Traffic Control Scouts in the past have helped police and fire departments, emergency management officials, and the Red Cross handle crowd and traffic control.

Messenger Service and Communications Providing messenger service during an emergency takes planning. During emergencies, each messenger should carry a flashlight, personal first aid kit, pencil, paper, map, pocket knife, and money.
Scouts can also distribute leaflet or instructions for the Red Cross, the local emergency management agency, or other local authorities and volunteer groups. Wherever an emergency shelter has been set up, emergency sanitation often must be provided.

Plant emergency response plan
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