Childcare providers need a plan to protect their children, their employees, and their business. YMCA Resource and Referral provides families with information to help them understand options for care, and how to choose a quality program that meets their family's needs.
Your childcare program may have to follow procedures for a lockdown, secure campus, or shelter in place.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers an online course for childcare providers: Multihazard Planning for Childcare.
The Department of Family and Protective Services for the State of Texas has a great damage assessment template that can help you begin the recovery process following a disaster.

Save the Children’s Child Care Emergency Preparedness Training is designed to help you develop and implement practical emergency plans that cater to the specific needs of your program.
Visit the Community Care Licensing Division, Child Care Licensing Website to find resources on operating a child care facility in California and the regulations involved, including the need to have a disaster plan.
To provide planning, training, resources, response, warning, coordination and information through communications to the public, elected officials and public safety agencies to assist them in preparing for, responding to and mitigating emergencies and disasters which affect the residents of Broome County. Emergency Medical Services - administers NYS certified emergency medical training programs. Plans for adequate delivery of emergency medical services and coordinates mutual aid among EMS providers.

Contact them to learn more about hazards in your area as well as emergency preparedness resources that may be available. Disaster Preparedness - conducts hazard vulnerability studies, provides Disaster Planning and preparedness for response and recovery.

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