NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 28: A family shops for bottled water at a supermarket as Hurricane Sandy approaches on October 28, 2012 in the Rockaway Beach neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Watching Superstorm Sandy unleash her fury on the North East in the safety of our Jefferson County, Colo.
I had the ability to turn the television off and the images of the devastation Sandy left behind turned black. The likelihood of Colorado being hit by a hurricane is slim to none, but we’ve seen our fair share of disaster this summer as many were forced from their homes by rampant wildfires, and there is this thing called “snow” that we haven’t seen much of lately that has potential to turn our state into a big white mess. There are lots of emergency kits that can be purchased online, but you can also build your own all at once or a little at a time as your budget allows.

I’ve started a list of supplies for my family, and as soon as I publish this article, we’re getting to work building our emergency kit.
Volunteers at the Queens Library in the Far Rockaway section of Queens hand out coats to people affected by Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, libraries in New York helped the storm's victims turn a new page. Our logic is, spend the extra money and time now so in the event of a true emergency it will pay off to be prepared.
According to the New York Daily News’ online live coverage of Sandy’s aftermath, as of Nov.

Together we can help spread the awareness of emergency preparedness for our family, friends and neighbors.
And maybe hug someone if you've known them from working with them for years here." Later, the library hosted free financial-planning seminars for Sandy victims.
Across the country, in places like Louisiana and Oklahoma, libraries have served as crucial hubs for information and help in the aftermath of hurricanes and tornadoes.

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