Somesh: Online HURT game to prepare individuals for 72 hour preparedness will be organized in parallel with traditional HURT training. FEMA Resilience - COMPEF team working with I-Help team for collaborative proposal to combine Emergency Preparedness with Homeless outreach. President's Challenge at ASU continues to focus on Disaster Preparedness for the second year. Tempe Neighborhood Workshop: Joe Rio presented a 72 hour preparedness workshop at this event. In collaboration with Maricopa Public Health Hard to Reach Population group to mark September's National Preparedness month. Carol - target grocery stores and see if thy will be ready to provide supplies in emergency situations. Coalition meeting attracts people with varied skill levels trying to identify the gaps in Emergency community service. Proposal to make a COMPEF kit - including manual, flyers with localized information for each community.
HURT and COMPEF recognized as unique emergency response model being created with community involvement. Tom, Security and Disaster Preparedness Officer at Tempe St Lukes preparing a HERT Hospital Emergency Response Training class. Join us as the Community Preparedness Webinar Series presents an important look at what it takes to establish a youth preparedness program in your community.

Establishing a youth preparedness program in your community may seem like a daunting task, but this webinar will provide you with many of the resources available that can help your organization implement an effective program. This webinar will provide participants with information on how their organization can integrate preparedness education into their program offerings.
All participants will receive a draft of a "how to" guide for implementing preparedness programs as well as a catalogue of youth preparedness resources. Lincoln County Emergency Management is urging citizens and businesses to attend the Get Ready Lincoln County community resiliency presentation and then the emergency readiness fair on Saturday, September 12, (free event for the public). The readiness fair will provide various booths with educational information, demonstrations on how to mitigate hazards in your home, business or community places of gathering.
In conjunction with the readiness fair, Lincoln County Emergency Sheriff’s Office will sponsor a presentation by Lane Roberts, Director Missouri Public Safety. Free Admission, presentations and demonstrations, hear from first responders and pick up the latest emergency preparedness materials at the 15 booths located on Cole.
A lot of people don't have support systems or communities to fall back on when emergencies arise. Good online resources were discussed to obtain materials and information for disaster preparedness. It was very well received by the attendees especially due to their proximity neighbourhood and homeowner associations where preparedness is a crucial factor. Will manage COMPEF information distribution at TEAM event on Thanksgiving Eve; Safety Backpacks being prepared for a Summer preparedness event at AZ Mils in May.

You will hear expertise based on the experiences of those who have developed and delivered some of the most successful youth preparedness programs across the country. The 12 participants were very impressed with the skills they learnt from the training and created an emergency and distaster response ministry right after the training ended. Coordinated 50 Faith leaders who attended preparedness breakfast and 5 HURT trainings at churches. Involved with their church that has been working with individual and emergency preparedness needs including employment, family preparedness, food and water storage, 72 hour preparedness. For eg: Grace cummunity, LDS community helping out with wholehearted involvement in the community like homeless sheltering and emergency preparedness.
While emergency personnel do their best to quickly respond to emergencies, it could take time for them to arrive on the scene. Local vendors will be on hand with emergency readiness kits, gadgets, and nutritional items, etc. Another pressing need of the community is to provide emergency housing for elderly people and mothers with children.
The best way to help citizens maintain safety during an emergency is to ensure they're prepared in advance to sustain themselves and their families for the first 72 hours after a disaster strikes.

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