If you don't understand the difference, or separate dynamics, of Emergency Evacuation and Escape & Evasion don't fret. Never assume that in an emergency you can just gather up what you need and "live off the land". Just as hard to make is something to tie things with, such as to replace a broken boot lace, or lash a emergency shelter together with. Also, as to knives, and an Emergency Evacuation or Escape & Evasion kit I strongly suggest a second knife that is large, but not too large for your hand size and grip strength. This article is longer and will go into detail not only addressing the "why" behind each item in my Bug Out Bag design but I will share my "philosophy" concerning Bug Out Preparedness.

Such an away-from-home 3 day emergency "camp trip" would not be for "fun" but that don't mean the mind "games" or "what-ifs", of Survival Scenario Imagery & Planning can't be enlightening, positive and even fun mental "chess games". Emergency Essential Lists made up by others besides yourself -including ME!- should only be used to give you ideas or to remind you of items you didn't think of as YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LIST!!
It also makes for a great garrote material in the case of "foreign invasion" -a Red Dawn type situation- or in the case of self-defense against marauders -a Road Warrior situation.
White Trash and Rednecks) used to call the "preppies", turned what was known as "Survivalism" into "Prepping" by simply changing words. If your house is destroyed or unsafe for you to live in you will need, at the very least, the contents of your Emergency Evacuation kit (Bug Out Bag).

So, in your Emergency Evacuation Scenario Planning & Preparing, as far as a Bug Out Kit goes, you will think of the items that would make such a situation a little less hard on you. The Red Cross, and Government "emergency assistance" agencies all put out paper and cyber pamphlets with generalized lists for general items you would need in the wake of natural disasters.

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