I reliably communicate well over 100 miles to locals here in eastern Kentucky, with ground wave, not skip, and with a barebones factory condition radio.
It is illegal to modify your CB to broadcast at more than 4 watts, and is also illegal to broadcast using a HAM radio on CB frequencies. The way the FCC goes about finding people who illegally operate a HAM radio is to get complaints and then use a truck with proper gear to find them. Go to any decent size Truckstop ,Many have a CB shop, Take your radio in and tell the guy what You want to do. Unless it’s a life, limb, or property emergency, transmitting outside of licensed ham bands is illegal when using ham equipment.
Also, avoid expecting GMRS (or FRS) radios to be able to attain their advertised distances unless you and the other person are on mountain tops.
Im gona get mah radio strong so i can get drunk and broadcast my stupidity to as many people as i can.
Even the HAM hand held radios are mostly 5-watt power output, but they get to go further by going through local repeaters with increased power. The HAM radios in cars and home base stations will typically have the higher output and longer range on their own.
I am a licensed Ham Radio operator and I have a mobile 10 Meter band radio as well as a decent CB Radio with SSB and a few small linear amplifiers ( 200 watt, 300 watt and 450 watt).

Many people thought that CB Radios are extinct, but they’re still here and widely used to date.
During certain atmospheric conditions, radio signals can be reflected in a way that makes it possible to communicate with people over 1,000 miles away.
Go there and ask them to pump up your output and they will to as much as your radio can accomplish without a kicker. Also, to legally use the radio you will need a HAM operators license which will require a book, some studying and taking a test. Also, with the license, the HAM operator can legally increase the output of their hand held radio based on the frequency range the operate within.
Realistically, a national network of committed CB operators who are already in possession of mobile cb radios with SSB (Single Sideband) capability and small amplifiers that will enable them to reach out from 50 miles up to 250 miles or more. Although its popularity has faded, due to development of mobile phones, the internet and the Family Radio Service, it still remains extremely popular among truckers, radio hobbyists, and survivalists.
But in general, with a properly tuned radio and antenna, you should see communication distances ranging up-to 25 miles.
I know i’m a HAM radio operator endorsing CB radio, but CB radio is best just because of the numbers they make a much better emergency radio. In my bug out bag I carry a Hummingbird Marine VHF HANDHELD and four small personal radios with range of about 2 miles.

If you choose to do such a thing, while still slim, the chances of getting caught are greater than the chances of getting caught boosting your CB signal simply because the FCC still cares enough to pay attention to HAM radios and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb with an antenna farm on top of your vehicle. The marine radio is because I live in Florida and that radio could be a wealth of information in emergency. CB’s operate on a different frequency than traditional consumer radios which allows them to obtain these extended ranges and makes them a preferable communications tools. For off road CB is king, if you guys go off road in a 4×4 a CB radio is almost a must. And since CB will be the most common radio out there, you can still talk short range on those channels also.
This setup will power your SSB rig 4-10 hrs a day depending on power output and not using a kicker with the radio.

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