A no-nonsense Quick Prepper guide to solar power solutions for your home, off grid use, portable, and emergency preparedness. Each chapter will tell you how to prepare for a specific emergency, what you need to do during the emergency, and what you should do afterwards.
The book is designed for everybody and looks at skills, techniques and knowledge that anyone can master. This book is for those of us who are just getting started preparing for emergencies and for those of us who know that we should be getting started but lack the time or interest.
While those examples might seem extreme, there are plenty of other types of emergencies every day that can affect the lifestyle and security of our families. Taking a practical approach the book explores how to survive when water and food supplies are interrupted.

Designed for anyone from the beginner to the seasoned prepper, the advice contained in this book applies to everybody. Preparedness for major disasters and emergencies has become an increasingly popular subject in many countries in recent years. Stuffed with knowledge from cover to cover, you’ll keep referring back to this book continually. A Proven, Step-By-Step System To Build The Foundation Of Your Family Emergency Preparedness Plan And Get The Piece Of Mind That You Are Ready! In Prepping Like A Pro: Your Easy, Step-By-Step Guide to Family Emergency Preparedness you will learn specific strategies to help you plan, build and store the items needed for those just in case times in life.
This book looks at simple survival techniques – many based on traditional approaches to emergencies – that those living in urban and city environments may have forgotten or not learned!

This book will help beginning preppers to advanced preppers with tangible concepts and ideas for excellent preparation when SHTF.
If you’re anything like me, having control over your situation is important, and this book gives you the tools necessary to take back you’re personal power.

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