Some of the activities include, bandaging, a relay race, rescue breathing on manikins, choking emergencies, and the proper way to call 911.
Check with your local Girl Scout council for a current list of approved first-aid courses and training schedules. My youngest son hasn’t experienced a power outage yet, but I know from experience with my two older sons, blackouts can be very frightening for children.
Teaching young people to know and be able to use practical survival skills when needed is an important part of individual preparedness.

Using my Cricut cutting machine, I cut them out of craft poster board and simply taped them on the lens of the flashlight for a low tech light show.
A Go Bag is a bag you fill with emergency items like Duracell batteries, flashlights, candles, matches, first aid kit, etc.
We have a Go Bag located in our home along with emergency kits in our vehicles for when we are away from home. Living in Southern California, we don’t have many blackouts due to storms; however, we always want to be prepared in the event of an earthquake or other emergency.

Hurricane sandy safety kit
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