It goes without saying that every company, regardless of size, needs a concise business continuity plan in case of an emergency.
From the earthquake and tsunami in Japan to fourteen disasters causing over a billion dollars each in damage in the United States, 2011 was particularly damaging for developed countries.
This set of ITIL templates (ITIL document templates) can be used as checklists for defining ITIL process outputs. It is not my intent to do a complete comprehensive emergency plan, but to point out some matters likely to be overlooked by simply transplanting traditional emergency planning models to school systems. Have a back-up method for heating or cooling your home during a blackout, depending on your climate's needs. The head of the state's emergency management agency, Art Faulkner, says local officials are being briefed on a forecast that includes the possibility of strong tornadoes on Tuesday.

Incidents and emergencies can occur at any time, they can arise from a number of causes, and can have a significant impact on the University's operations. Joffe Emergency Services is the leading provider of school emergency planning - including response training and disaster preparedness - for schools throughout the country. The Emergency Management Institute of FEMA offers many self-paced courses for the general public as well as for people who are responsible for providing emergency management services. In Ontario, each of us is responsible for our own safety and survival during the first 72 hours of an emergency. Heavily populated buildings such as schools, manufacturing facilities, office buildings and stores should and oftentimes are required to have an Emergency Preparedness Plan to be prepared for natural or man made disasters. I went to Owl and Mouse, a site that maps you can print for free that can be as small as 1 page or as large 64 pages, or anywhere in between, and printed out the map of the United States for my kids 8 and up.

The University has developed standard emergency evacuation signage for use in the University owned buildings.
I don't mind commercial emergency kits, but they tend to have too many unecessary drugs and are very expensive.

School building risk assessment template
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