The purpose of emergency planning is to provide the basis for systematic responses to emergencies that threaten an organization and the records and information necessary for continuing operations. If a hazardous substance emergency could occur at your facility and you plan to have any of your employees participate in the emergency response, you are required to have an Emergency Response Plan in writing and available for inspection consistent with 29 CFR 1910.120(q) (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response). Note: When the term application(s) is used in the above checklist, it refers to operating system software, support software, utilities, and communication software in addition to end user business applications. The following checklist may assist entities in maintaining their business continuity plans. The following checklist may assist entities in reviewing the adequacy of information flows following a scenario exercise (or actual business disruption event).
The following checklist may assist entities in conducting a review after an exercise or business disruption event. Survival also means maintaining the competitive position and financial stability of an organization immediately following and continuing long after an emergency.
The following template may assist entities in developing a post business disruption event or exercise review report.
An emergency management plan is a unique, detailed guide for times of great stress and crisis. Administrative procedures and guidelines should be developed to provide for periodic exercising, documented maintenance of the plans as well as ongoing training.

The result of the planning process is a written records and information emergency management plan.
Management approves this plan and provides the necessary authority, structure, policies, procedures, and resources to guide the organization through an emergency.
Refer to the sample emergency management plan in the sidebar as you read the following sections. The Components of an Emergency Management Plan Policy Statement Emergency plans should include the policy established in the development process. If citizen or corporate partners are included in the emergency process, list them in the plan.
Information Distribution Procedures The emergency plan should explain the methods [by which] employees would communicate if an emergency event occurs. For example, emergency or vital records and information may be transferred to the requestor via a special color-coded mail pouch. Preparedness Checklist The emergency plan must address specific emergencies and how to handle them. It must provide for both major and minor emergencies and should include both site-specific and community-wide events. Organizations should have a checklist covering each emergency and the steps necessary to prepare for and control the emergency.

These steps should be continuous or sequential from the preparedness phase to the response phase for each emergency addressed. Examples of checklists to include are the vital records schedule and records recovery priority lists. The plan should show when an emergency status is upgraded from one phase to the next phase. Recovery Checklist A recovery checklist should also show the continuing steps from the response phase to the recovery phase. The response checklist should indicate brief statements regarding particular activities that should be performed in the recovery phase. Testing Procedures The plan must include goals, objectives, and schedules for conducting exercises or simulations. Specific types of exercises to be used for the most likely emergencies should also be in the plan.

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