In an emergency situation, it's critical to have fast, easy access to contact information for emergency services and individuals who may be able to help. If you're ready to prepare your own emergency phone list as part of your home safety plan, simply click the image to access a PDF file that can be edited, customized, saved and printed. If some of the line items on the list don't apply to you, click the minus sign (-) at the end of the row to remove it. The key is to ensure that you - and everyone in your family - have easy access to get in touch with people who can help in an emergency situation. A list containing the important names, phone numbers, and addresses of persons and organizations that can help you in any emergency is called as emergency contact list. Purpose of the emergency contact list is to help you in a case when you’re stuck in a situation, where the help or assistance of some professional or close person is needed.
The emergency contact list must contain the information about helping hands in any emergency situation like medical, accidental, natural disaster, emergency meetings or unplanned visits.
Emergency contact list can be made manually by writing the contact information simply on a paper. Related TemplatesSales Call List Template For generating higher revenue and to increase the profit margin, companies whether are providing services or product are always trying to find ways to increase their sales. Since there are such many things to do prior to your big day, you'll definitely require a wedding to do list.
Not that long ago, there was a separate telephone number for each type of emergency agency. For younger children, it might also help to talk about who the emergency workers are in your community — police officers, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, and so on — and what kinds of things they do to help people who are in trouble. Always refer to the emergency number as "nine-one-one" not "nine-eleven." In an emergency, a child may not know how to dial the number correctly because of trying to find the "eleven" button on the phone. Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street so that police, fire, or ambulance workers can easily locate your address. If you live in an apartment building, make sure your child knows the apartment number and floor you live on. If you have special circumstances, such as an elderly grandparent or a person with a heart condition, epilepsy, or diabetes living in your home, prepare your child by discussing specific emergencies that could occur and how to spot them. If they're old enough to understand, also explain that the emergency dispatcher may give first-aid instructions before emergency workers arrive at the scene. So if someone dials 911 as a prank, emergency personnel could be dispatched directly to that location. Not only could this mean life or death for someone having a real emergency on the other side of town, it also means that it's very likely the prank caller will be caught and punished.
Others don't realize that 911 is for true emergencies only (not for such things as a flat tire or even about a theft that occurred the week before).

An important part of making sure that your family is prepared for emergencies is to have all the important phone numbers you may need in an emergency already printed up beforehand. If you have kids and leave them with a babysitter, be sure that the sitter is aware of the list and its location.
You might never need the list at all, but it's certainly best to be prepared in case the need arises. This list plays a vital role in case of emergency so it should be kept prepared and updated time to time to handle any critical situation. So the contact information about family doctor, dentist, nearby hospital, ambulance service should be included to handle any medical emergency. First category includes the numbers which will help you to contact the professionals like doctors, hospital, veterinary doctors, police, rescue etc. This checklist covers anything from the absolute most fundamental categories of […]Wedding Guest List Template When you think about all the things you have to get, the dimensions of your guest list can make or break the bank. According to the National Emergency Number Association, 911 covers nearly all of the population of the United States, but check your phone book or go online to be sure that 911 is the emergency number to use in your area. Although most 911 calls are now traced, it's still important for your kids to have your street address and phone number memorized. An emergency dispatch operator quickly takes information from the caller and puts the caller in direct contact with whatever emergency personnel are needed, thus making response time quicker.
This should include police, fire, and medical numbers (particularly important if you live in one of the few areas where 911 is not in effect), as well as a number where you can be reached, such as your cell phone, pager, or work number. In the confusion of an emergency, calling from a printed list is simpler than looking in the phone book or figuring out which is the correct speed-dial number.
It's also a good idea to have each family member keep a copy of the list somewhere they can access it easily, even when not at home. Contact information of close persons like family members, friends and co workers who can come to assist you in the hour of need should also include in the list. As one may not be in a position to recall the phone numbers due to trauma, or some critical medical situation, police or medical staff might want to contact one’s relatives prior to any legal action or medical aid. In addition to it, the contact information and relationship of some family member should also be included in this list. The second category includes the contact information of some close people whom you may need to inform about the emergency, for instance, your family, friends and colleagues etc. Your location, the catering and perhaps the price of your cake is perhaps all according to how what number of individuals you're looking at inviting.
Explain that it's OK to be frightened in an emergency, but it's important to stay calm, speak slowly and clearly, and give as much detail to the 911 operator as possible. They'll need to give that information to the operator as a confirmation so time isn't lost sending emergency workers to the wrong address.

Also, this list could be of great help for anyone who catches someone on the spot of accident, fire or any other sort of emergency. The third category contains the number where you can be reached by your family if they are in emergency and want your help to assist them. A sales call is […]Monthly To Do List Template Monthly to do list is organized by any individual in order to keep the record of their monthly schedules.
By way of example, the typical size of wedding guests is around 75 to 150 people and a lot of typical, sensibly listed […]Project Activity List Template A project is based on a number of activities that needs to be performed in sequence and a project is also related to numerous departments in which a number of different skilled and qualified employees are involved.
Role playing is an especially good way to address various emergency scenarios and give your kids the confidence they'll need to handle them.
This list aids the people to help themselves or the person in trouble by calling the doctor, fire brigade or rescue service on time. It contains the information about your office, club you’re going regularly and contact numbers of close friends whom you visit frequently. The basic elements of monthly to do list are time management, setting the goals and prepare the plan to achieve those targets. With the advent of cellular technology, such emergency lists can be efficiently made on mobile phones.
To cut the long story short, emergency contact list is an inevitable requirement for reducing the loss to minimum in the case of an emergency! For the success of a project, […]Price List Template Price List Template can be used to create comprehensive record of product or service prices in any industry.
Usually business organizations have needed to record the monthly expenses because […]Wedding To Do List Template Real enough, weddings are anticipated to be frilly and fussy. This Excel Template can be useful for shipowners as well, to display their official price list at their main entrance. For hassle-free progress in your wedding arrangements, do rely on a wedding to do list which ticks every single product off as done!
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A daily task list or a daily to do list is a good technique that will help you in organizing and managing all your important tasks that you have to perform in a single day.
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