Local town officials and emergency personnel have decided to close the beaches due to the recent wave of shark attacks in the area. The FCC and the Obama administration are announcing an overhaul to the emergency broadcast system. Further, if something did happen which the gov’t knew and could do little to alert substantial parts of our population that would be much worse.
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Fire departments around the area are on high alert as the dry conditions continue, as brush fires and mulch fires can spark in an instant in these dry conditions. Emergency alert system scheduled to launchThe federal government and wireless phone service providers have built a system - called Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) or Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) - that will send a text-like message to your phone.
We have enough warning with internet and cable news I don’t think we need the FEDS trying to warn us. The FCC will require all television, radio stations, cable, and satellite television providers to take part in a test of their new presidential alert system.

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