Emergency Management Ontario says flights began Friday night to evacuate some 100 members of Moosonee to Sudbury, while a similar number are set to be taken Saturday to Timiskaming Shores. It says Kashechewan First Nation, which sits further up the James Bay coast, has declared an emergency in anticipation of Albany River water levels rising due to ice breakup in the coming days. It says a total of eight communities in the province's north are under state of emergency warnings, most due to rising water levels.
Meanwhile, farther south emergency declarations remain in place for Bancroft, Kawartha Lakes, Minden Hills, and Sagamok First Nation as authorities deal with flooding. Incidents such as abductions, missing persons, natural disasters and other community emergencies have the potential to tax the resources of a primary response agency (Police, Fire, EMS, etc).

The requirements for these programs are set out in the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. Emergency Management Ontario supports municipalities and ministries in implementing their programs by providing them with advice, assistance, guidelines, training, and other tools. In the event of a larger incident, the head of council may decide to declare an emergency and assemble local officials at the municipal Emergency Operations Centre. Application management and operating technique backup and maintenance of computer software.
Learn more about Ontario's emergency management legislation and regulation.Most incidents that do occur are handled at the local level by well-trained emergency responders.

Emergency Management Ontario’s 2006-2009 Strategic Plan laid out an ambitious agenda to embark on a new phase of emergency management programming. While Ontario is a safe place to live and work, emergencies can happen anywhere and at anytime. At the government level, all municipalities and provincial ministries are required to have an emergency management program.

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