Emergency Management Products LLC maintains a database of credible, exercise-tested medical patient scenarios that will make your exercises more effective.
Available in a sortable selection based on triage level, age, or type of scenario — this saves your organization both time AND money. Medically credible, showing patient changes over time — the quality of our patient scenarios are consistent and assured. In addition to our patient scenarios being medically accurate, they are also field-tested for a variety of exercises.
To get a sense of the detailed information included EPTEC Inc.’s Disaster Exercise Patient Scenarios, download a Sample Patient Scenario (PDF). We designed and facilitated a tabletop exercise to test New Hampshire’s newly developed Energy Assurance Plan using the strict Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines for emergency management exercise development.

We designed a full-day seminar and tabletop exercise that engaged nearly 40 players from state agencies, energy providers, and critical infrastructure organizations. The exercise helped participants test their roles and responsibilities and identify communications and operations gaps that could affect response in a real event. They are a key element in full-scale emergency response training and exercises — they are also the hardest part about writing such exercises.
If you cannot find the scenario you need, we will gladly write for you a customized scenario (or group of scenarios) at the same rate as those already available.
Before finalizing the plan, the Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) needed to test response procedures in coordination with existing state emergency response and emergency operations plans. The event combined expert presentations with a challenging scenario that simulated a severe but realistic disruption for New Hampshire’s energy resources.

During the exercise, Nexight used a combination of full-group discussion and facilitated breakout groups to walk players through two escalating scenarios.
Our original scenarios included an accident blocking critical waterways, a severe winter storm, and a loss of communications and information technology services during energy restoration.

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